Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Space Jam - Mike Deserved Better

 If you are a product of the 90's, you more than likely know Space Jam. This movie was marketed harder than hot cakes. Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan were plastered all over everything under the sun. It was hyped to the point where the movie fell to the wayside of toys and merchandise in terms of how expensive it was. Even though they are scarce today, this movie bared a tie-in game on the Sega Saturn along with other consoles of the time. This game hit the nostalgia bones, but it really didn't hit much else. 

I honestly came into this game expecting to hate its ever loving guts. Very few movie tie-in games have ever been successful, even fewer have made it to the legendary status. The vast majority of them have been garbage rushed out to meet a deadline of some sort. Whether this is one of those, I don't know, it's Space Jam, what you see is what you get. Instead of hating the game, I found myself not having much of any reaction at all.

The first game you have to play is to get Michael Jordan's clothes so he can play. At first, I wondered why this game would have this sort of weird mini-game on it, and it should just be a basketball game. Then I played the basketball, and I understood why they wanted to add some variety to Space Jam. The game isn't terrible, it isn't great, it isn't noteworthy. This is an annoyance with some decent mechanics here and there. It's sort of fun at first, but as you keep playing, it just fails to keep attention. This is just one of those bland games that isn't worth getting worked up over and is more easily quit than really hard games or games you enjoy, you're just not good at. Space Jam features all of the characters you love with none of the charm they represent. 

I have heard of this game in the past, though I never played it then. Now, after having played it, I understand why I even forgot about it. No one cares about it in the slightest. If it were horrifically terrible like Superman 64 or The Crow City of Angels, then maybe it would have something of a reputation. The problem is that you forget about it as soon as you stop playing it because it's the same rubbish all throughout with slightly sluggish controls and unremarkable graphics. The characters look good, kinda. Michael looks questionable. Either way, this game pretty much fell away from the public eye because it basically has no content of any substance. You shoot the ball, it may go in. If you love the movie, give it a try, just try to remember you played it.


Ognimod said...

There is one other minigame at halftime, where you're Bugs Bunny trying to find as many bottles of "Michael's Secret Stuff" as possible before time runs out while an alien tosses obstacles in your path. It's different if you're playing as the Monstars; then it's about sapping a basketball player of his talent before time runs out.

Then there are the other minigames, but none are based on anything that happens in the movie.

You basically got it: they couldn't come up with ways to make the actual basketball fun (how do you not come up with ways to make basketball with Looney Tunes fun?), so half the game is a bunch of minigames that are all over before you know it. Utter waste of a license -and when the license is Space Jam, that's saying something-.

ArugulaZ said...

Slightly confused. There are a whole bunch of posts by one "Thomas McCombe" that seem permanently stuck in draft mode, dating back to June or July. Are these going to be used?