Saturday, 21 October 2017

More Saturn gaming news, views and all round goodness from the Sega Saturn Shiro crew in their third podcast! We're a little bit late getting it up on the main page, but as long as they're doing their rather splendid Podcast, we'll keep promoting it over here at the 'Yard.
I'll let the chaps themselves (David Lee, Ke Kona and Patrick Traynor) tell you all about it!

On this week's episode, we go in depth with playing imports and backups. From swap tricks, to complete CD drive replacements.

We also drop the release of Armed (Also known as Aftermath), an unreleased Sega Saturn game developed by Point of View, which was originally going to be published by Interplay.

The URL for the game is provided in the podcast itself.

and here's the content listing & running order

Intro / what we've been up to
00:18:16 Shoutouts
00:20:20 Obscure Game: Groove On Fight
00:32:19 Technical Q & A: Save Data / Losing Saves
00:47:32 Different Methods for Playing Imports
00:58:24 Different Methods for Playing Backups
01:20:59 Using Quality Media & Best Practices

So make sure you give it a listen!

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Best Halloween Saturn Game Of All...

My love for the Saturn is split into three phases; the first stage was my initial love in about 1996... the stage when the Saturn was my current console. I'd just bought it and I was blown away by the graphical wonders and futuristic gameplay of Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon and Clockwork Knight. The next stage, was about ten years ago, when I decided to founder the Saturn Junkyard, primarily because I was so blown away by the wonder that is the Dreamcast Junkyard, and wanted  a piece of the retro-gaming blogging action. At that time, I bought the bulk of my current PAL collection, when there was nothing on offer for the Dreamcast at Gamestation, as a source for reviews and articles on the SJY. The third phase is my current obsession, which has seen me neglecting all my other consoles and game library, to play the Saturn exclusively, buying up Japanese imports and padding out my software library with rips, as if I'm discovering it again for the first time.

But lets go back to phase 1: It's 1996/7 and as well as the games mentioned above, you can add a very small handful of games, that made up up the entirety of my Saturn software collection. One was Virtua Cop, one was Christmas NiGHTs and the other was the title I want to discuss today.

The game in question was 'Casper', a title I'm going to nominate for my ultimate Halloween Saturn game. It's a title that has everything you might want from a spooky Halloween experience-- A haunted mansion, darkened passageways, moonlit graveyards, creaking doors, moving objects, ghostly laughter and sandwiches, lots and lots of sandwiches!


Monday, 16 October 2017

Sega Saturn Saucepot Of The Month... October 2017

As I said last month when I started this feature, this is not some sort of "boys only", misogynistic, perv-fest, but is in fact, an equal opportunities, gender inclusive, true appreciation of the pretend physical perfection, of non-existent characters, made up of sprites, polygons and magic.

So, to keep things balanced, and in a perfect Yin/Yang style harmony, it's time to select a male 'Saturn saucepot'.  I was thinking of using a real life human sex object, in the shape of one of the Saturn Junkyard's Facebook Page Admins, but as I only have myself, Jon Lee and Daniel Turner to choose from, I had to scrap that idea.

Come and get me girls!
Wanna see my stunner?

So, with so many Saturn themed cyber-hunks to choose from, where do I start? I think it would be prudent to select from Saturn exclusives, but obviously it can't be Virtua Cop as that was the source of last month's saucepot... One of the Burning Rangers boys or perhaps one of the guys from the Last Bronx posse? One of the male crew from the Deep Fear submarine? NiGHTs? Is she even a guy or is he actually a girl?

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Scariest Games On The Saturn...

As the summer fades and we approach this Autumnal time of year, my mind always turns towards the gothic, the haunted, the horrific and the (bio)hazardous. It's nearly Halloween, my favourite Holiday, and therefore high time we decided what Saturn games we should be playing as the nights draw in.
Now, I was trying to recall all of the Saturn horror titles I could think of for this article, but my knowledge is by no means comprehensive. So I decided to start researching the topic, heading towards YouTube as my first port of call.

And lo! There were two videos that encapsulated the very topic I wanted to discuss! So the simple and lazy thing to do would be to post the videos here and shut up shop, and I dare say that's the route I would have taken during the Junkyard's first incarnation. However, the descriptions of the games featured within the videos are fleeting to say the least. I also wanted to put my own stamp on this post, so I've given a brief account of some of the games from my own collection that I will be playing over the Halloween period. Part of my remit during this outing on the Saturn Junkyard, was to give serious play-time to titles that I may have been dismissive about in the past.

 At best this pair of videos serves as a list of the most obvious Saturn titles of a spooky nature, showing each game running, perhaps the best way to showcase any game. It pretty much nails both the common PAL/US horror-themed releases and references some of the more obscure Japanese games which can be imported.

There will of course also be some titles missed out in the video compilation... (The Mansion Of Hidden Souls for example.) When considering the sheer volume of releases for the system in Japan alone, there are bound to be some that didn't make the YouTube collection. There's also the possibility that some tenuous links (in terms of the 'Halloween' theme) may have been made... Resident Evil? I guess that fits the Halloween bill...Spooky mansion, dark passage ways, rage infested zombies? Yes!
Alien Trilogy? Doesn't that fit into the Science Fiction genre more easily? Lone space craft, dark passageways, xeno-morphing extra terrestrials? ... Halloween-ish? Not so much!

So, as I'm here, I'll give you the lowdown on my own personal 'Saturn Halloween' top five, based on the games currently residing in my own collection. I'll tell you why I love them (and indeed in the case of one mansion-themed outing, why I don't!)


Friday, 13 October 2017

Sega Saturn- An Informal Beginner's Guide For Beginners (Part II) The Games!

I'm very pleased to be able to bring you part 2 of Brian Vines most excellent "Sega Saturn -  A Beginner's Guide For Beginners" This time, Brian focuses on the stand out games that an aspiring Saturn collector might want to add to his or her library, without needing to take out a second mortgage to procure them!

The Sega Saturn boasts a solid library of exclusive software, but it's not going to be everything to everyone, as it specialised in some particular types of games and genres over others. The Saturn excelled in vibrant, arcade style offerings that were easy to learn, yet difficult to master. As you make your way through the consoles more value oriented offerings, these are likely the types of games you'll find yourself playing, as you patiently search for decent deals on the more elusive heavy hitters. I mean, Panzer Dragoon Saga is great, but it's just not worth going out and dropping several hundred dollars on right away. There are so many other great and more affordable Saturn games out there, its a far better use of time and money to focus on getting those first.

If I were jump starting a collection on the cheap, I'd first search my preferred auction website for a decent bundle for sale. This can be a bit cheaper than buying games piecemeal can be. When it comes to the Saturn, everyone seems to think they know what they're selling (and will often charge accordingly, usually excessively) so you'll need to be very patient. In general, I'd recommend some of the following titles. Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the great and reasonably priced games the platform has to offer, these should make some mice additions to a well rounded starter collection, in no particular order.

NiGHTS into Dreams - Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a small detail about the Saturn. Bafflingly, Sega and Sonic Team never made  a proper, mainline Sonic game for it. However, they did produce this little gem, which is an incredibly unique 2.5D flying jester simulator. It's fast like a Sonic game, but with free form verticality and nifty aerial acrobatics. It controls very smoothly, but the 3D analogue pad is all but mandatory. It's also a gorgeous title that does an admirable job of putting the Saturn through it's paces.

DecAthlete/Athlete Kings & Winter Heat: Fans of Konami's classic Track and Field or other Olympic themed button mashing games of that style-- will feel right at home with these summer and winter sports events titles, respectively. They both have super simple gameplay.: for most events you're tapping a button until its time to hit another one- with timing and precision dictating your success--yet somehow these games manage to be damn fun, despite their streamlined game mechanics. Even better, you'll often find tripping and falling on your face is a fun alternative to playing the events properly. If I had to pick one, I'd pick Winter Heat.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Segata Sanshiro Spotted On New Dreamcast Mini-Disc!

We're well aware of our heritage over here at the Saturn Junkyard. Indeed, the place wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for the establishment of the Dreamcast Junkyard and it's magnificent benevolence in terms of mentorship and guidance.

It provided inspiration for, and encouragement of, this very site, way back at the start of the millennium in around about 2006... And it still is, for the Dreamcast Junkyard have run a fine article on the game Dreamcastnoid and highlighted the appearance of everyone's favourite Elvis-wigged, Judo-suit-rocking, Teen-beating, superhero...SEGATA SANSHIRO!

And here he is in all his monochrome ghostly glory!

Who's that lurking in the shadows?
And thanks again for the source material to the Dreamcast Junkyard!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Once Upon A Time When Sega Were Literally Giving The Saturn Away...

Sounds too good to be true right? Sega, not a company known for savvy business practises, were never actually so insane that they gave away their 32 Bit powerhouse did they?  Well no, I've got you here under slightly false pretences, using a little hyperbole and exaggeration, but there is a kernel of truth in my outrageous claims!

They may have given a few out free in the board room to prospective clients and business partners, to tech magazines and TV shows from whom they were trying to court favourable reviews, and perhaps some as competition prizes in various promotions, but they never gave away entire consoles to ordinary saps like you and I, willy-nilly. They did, however, give away Saturn peripherals and system components, to anyone who asked. Free. For nothing. Nada. Gratis.

Read more:

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Sega Saturn: An Informal Beginner’s Guide for Beginners

It's only been a matter of days since the padlocks and chains were removed from the doors of the Saturn Junkyard, the dust was blown off the blogging machinery, and the old place swung into action once more. Since then we've had two articles sent to the 'Yard! One you've already seen, a very personal account of the effect receiving a Saturn had on one 14 year old back in 1996 (our Kev).
Today, It is my great pleasure to present to you  part one of :

"Sega Saturn: An Informal Beginners Guide For Beginners" by Facebook group member, Mr. Brian Vines.
His work is written in red, to ensure no one thinks I am attempting to pass it's excellence off as my own!

Part one discusses the hardware and gives some salient and economic advice to new and existing Saturn owners. Part two, to be showcased in a few days time, will cover the best Saturn software available without breaking the bank!

So you just bought a Sega Saturn - - Good for you.
Or perhaps you're considering getting one. Or perhaps you've always owned a Saturn, but have just remembered that fact until today. Or perhaps you despise the Sega Saturn, in which case I'm not sure why you are reading this, but kudos for expanding your horizons!

So now what? Where do you start with your brand new, state-of-the art, decades-old console? What should you expect? Would you like to kick off your Saturn library with some worthwhile games whilst still having some money left over for food? Any other useful tips to consider?

Well here's a bit of help. While this article is by no means comprehensive, you could consider it an informal starter's guide to help get the ball rolling on your new/future/forgotten/non-existent Sega Saturn home video game console. I'll briefly touch on various topics throughout this post, though nearly everything here could warrant it's own in-depth article to properly delve into the ins and outs of every aspect. There's also a lot I'm going to miss, including game pads and peripherals, hardware variations, emulation options, all of it's incredible RPGs, shoot 'em ups , and 'Bug!' - which may be the most glaring omission of all...


Monday, 2 October 2017

Segata Sanshiro: The Podcast!

Play the Saturn or I'll kick your arse...

Anyone who takes the time to peruse this site, will see lots of archive material about a certain 'Elvis-haired' Judo Master, who beats people up if they're not playing the Sega Saturn enough. Now, as a lifelong pacifist, I don't ever condone any violence by one human being, towards another. Apart from that levelled by Segata Sanshiro at those non-Saturn playing fools out there!

So it gladdened my heart, when I discovered three fine young men from the United States, taking the time to not only promote the Sega Saturn through insightful and knowledgeable discussion. But hey, why don't I let them introduce themselves, and when you've read the introduction and want to listen to the Podcast, just click on the link here:

Aloha Junkies
I'm Ke (pronounced "K" like the letter), and an admin/mod at a couple of different/other Saturn based facebook groups.
Patrick Traynor, David Lee, and I are the hosts of SEGA SATURN, SHIRO, a podcast dedicated to all things Sega Saturn. We're still getting used to the whole podcast thing, but if you want to take a gamble, we finished our second show last week. You can listen to it here;
For the most part, you'll find us either in Sega Saturn Collectors of America, Sega Saturn Trade, Sell, and Collect, or Galaxy Sega.

Christmas time, mistletoe and... Saturn?

One of the great pleasures I have always taken from the Junkyards, (firstly, the Dreamcast Junkyard and secondly, the Saturn Junkyard) is the opportunity for interaction with some of the retrogamers and Sega enthusiasts worldwide. Luckily, the trend continues! The Saturn Junkyard has barely celebrated a week of it's renaissance, and we've already had a nostalgic contribution from one of our Facebook members:
Kevin Mason
Kev spends some quality time
with his favourite console...

Kev has penned an account of that special time in all of our lives, the day he got his Saturn! So sit back and enjoy Kev's memories of his favourite Christmas!

(As is the custom here on the 'Yard, we'll change the font and text colour so readers know that I am not plagiarising or passing other people's work off as my own!)

Christmas morning 1995, saw me rushing downstairs to unwrap something I was very excited about... At the age of 14, I hadn’t been so geared up for present opening in quite a while! Having picked out the Sega Saturn from my Mum’s “Kay’s catalogue”, I had eagerly anticipated the day I would get to play on it, for what felt like months...

This was the most technological way you could shop back in the '90s..

I would later learn that the Saturn only came with a scart lead, not the more common A-V lead. However a “pre-check” by my Dad, (good old Dad!) had apparently spotted this faux-pas by Sega, and a quick trip to Dixons had fortunately cured this omission. Why this was bundled with the system, I have no idea, as it would be years before myself (or anyone else I knew) would have need of a "scart cable", or for that matter, know what one was...


Saturday, 30 September 2017

Sega Saturn Saucepot Of The Month... September 2017

Now I did say to myself that in terms of Saturn blogging, this time around, that I was going to stay on-topic. When I look back at former posts from years ago, I realise that a lot of them were penned whilst I was somewhat inebriated. I'd wander off topic, try in vain to be witty, erudite, current or controversial. On several occasions, I'd just recourse to squeezing in a picture of some tenuously linked, scantily clad, cos-play babe or software promotion glamour model, when my creative juices had begun to dry up and my article or review had just begun to fizzle out like a damp squib...

So I was slightly dubious about including this feature. As of September 2017, as the onomatopoeic title suggests, we'll be bringing you a piece of Saturn related eye candy for you to drool over on a monthly basis. As we're nearly into October, it will allow me to knock off two cheap posts in rapid succession over the next few days. Whilst the Dreamcast Junkyard can promise both quantity and quality, the Saturn Junkyard can only hope to aspire to the former...

It being 2017, we'll attempt to ensure that all genders, sexualities and tastes are catered for.
There will be both male, female and occasional gender neutral pin ups, but nothing so saucy that it would cause you to feel awkward in front of your parents.

So, to launch this particular feature, we present the lovely Janet from Virtua Cop. According to the VCPD website, Janet Marshall (28) is a "newly installed special VCPD detective in the Virtua Cop special investigations squad (although the only female cop in the squad), Janet fights for her deceased partner". In her spare time, Janet is known to race Hornet supercars against professional drivers, at her local 'dinosaur themed' race track, where she once gave the unwittingly sexist starting announcer a good 'ear bashing', for only telling the gentlemen to "start (their) engines!" Janet also likes to keep fit by practising mixed martial arts against many different local combatants, and even claims to have once taken on her own racing car in a particularly taxing bout, although we wonder if the feisty rookie cop may have been pulling our leg! Janet also finds time to support a charity called 'Virtua Fighter Kids' that works with unfortunate children suffering from brain edema (or intracranial pressure, caused by a swelling of the head) resulting from being introduced into the  competitive world of mixed martial arts too early... She's obviously a 'virtua' cop with 'real' heart? However, one thing we can all agree on is that we wouldn't mind Janet taking down our particulars, as part of a VCPD investigation or otherwise!

Honestly... Does The Saturn Still Cut It In 2017?

The first thing I noticed on firing up the Saturn and listening to that beautiful familiar start up sound, was how pixelated the on screen display was. The first game I wanted to play, was the game I got bundled with my Saturn, my favourite driving game of all time: Sega Rally. The pixelated images in the opening sequence, exaggerated by the clarity of the big, flat screen TV, were a bit of an eyesore.

That's not to say there aren't still some excellent looking games on the system, even viewed with 2017 eyes, jaded by Xbox Ones and PS4s in beautiful High Definition. We'll get to the few that have stood the test of time in a moment, but you have to face it... HD  doesn't do the Saturn any favours. Some games, (most games?) visually, are ageing terribly... games such as the above mentioned Sega Rally, Die Hard Arcade, Virtua Fighter and Virtual Hydlide for example... All have all grown old... disgracefully.

Carry on reading...

Thursday, 28 September 2017



"Don't call it a comeback..." The Saturn Junkyard rises from the grave...

So here I am, back at the old SJY, thanks to my dear friend and Jiminy Cricket like blogging conscience, Jon Lee.

 It's been a while and I'm thrilled to be back. Huge thanks also go to my to my fellow Yard operative ArugulaZ, who has kept the Yard alive over the eight years or so, since I last penned an epistle in these parts... ( in fact, by now he should be the owner of the place...)

The good news is, my Saturn is now back in my bedroom , linked up to my flat screen via a scart. (it once was lost, but now it's found...) My Saturn collection  has also made the journey down from the loft, and my Japanese Saturn is even ready for a test drive.

Over the last few weeks, I've been playing the Saturn almost exclusively. My current games of choice are Pebble Beach Golf Links, Sega World Wide Soccer '97, Sega Rally, Rayman, Pandemonium, Street Fighter Alpha 2, X Men Children Of The Atom, Daytona USA, Fighter's Megamix and Marvel Super Heroes.

I've got so many more to investigate including my latest purchase, World Series Baseball '97, which I bought today!

So I'll sign off for now, but be aware that the Saturn Junkyard is back in business.

Big love from Father K!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

New for 2016... the CD-free Saturn!

Hold on to your diapies, babies, we're going in for another post!

Longtime Saturn fans know that the system is incredibly difficult to emulate due to its unique architecture (which is a nice way of saying Sega threw in an extra processor at the last minute so it could handle 3D games). They also know that Saturn game prices have shot through the stratosphere over the last ten years, especially for American releases. With all this in mind, how do you play Saturn games without paying an arm and a leg for the opportunity?

Image courtesy of RetroCollect

Deunan Knute has the answer. Classic gaming blog RetroCollect reports that Knute, a tech enthusiast and programmer who previously worked with the Sega Dreamcast, has found a way to make the Sega Saturn run games straight from an SD card. Well, two ways, actually. Knute made two SD card add-ons for the system, the Rhea for the launch Saturn, and the Phoebe for later versions of the console. You'll need to perform a little elective surgery on your Saturn to make it work with the peripheral, removing its CD-ROM drive and connecting the I/O cable to the Rhea or Phoebe's flash drive. However, once you've modded your system and load an SD card with your favorite games, you'll never have to swap a single disc again.

If you prefer going the disc route, there's also Pseudo-Saturn, which turns the popular Pro Action Replay cartridge into a portable mod chip. You'll have to rely on burned CD-ROMs and will lose some of the cartridge's functionality, but it could be worth a look if you don't have the stomach to open your console. Special thanks to Reddit for the link.

(Disclaimer: The Saturn Junkyard does not condone piracy, or at least I think it doesn't, since the blog's lead editor has disappeared and I can't get his official statement about it. Still, it's pretty safe to assume that's what he'd say if he were around. Use this for back-ups only, all rights reserved, blah blah blah.)