Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sega ages 2500 Vol. 31: Virtual On

Finally! After some days of atrocious waiting I'm now the proud owner of this fine game and right now I think the Sega ages series of ports/remakes is the best thing Sega did in the last years (along with the new Sega Rally and VF5).

But why so much excitement over this when we already had a great port of Virtual On on our beloved Saturn? 'Cause this is a hell of a port, that's why! Not only is this the first arcade-perfect port, it also has tons of options and a hell of a lot of content!

Talking about options, there's the usual, like changing the difficulty setting, timer or volume, but then there's also the Extra options menu and even the Secret one, where you can enable new colours for the virtuaroids, a new camera type, new moves and even a playable boss!

This title isn't short in game modes, either. There's the usual Arcade, Vs, online Vs, and then there's Assault mode, the cute Chibi-chara mode where you play with deformed/squashed versions of the virtuaroids (think Virtua Fighter Kids) and the unlockable Z-Gradt mode, where you play with the final boss and have to beat the regular robots (it's so much fun to be the uber-powerful boss for once).

Then there's the extras, like a 3D gallery where you can freely admire all the game's models, and two galleries of artwork and scans of promotional flyers, covers and more.

Sounds good, eh? But how does it play? Well, great! Not as good as with the original twin sticks, but the Dualshock does a good job replacing them and it's more intuitive than the Saturn controller. Overall the game is fast, looks good and it plays great.

Unfortunately this is a Japan-only release, so if anyone's interested in this beauty the best option is to try Play-asia , which also has other interesting things like this.


fatherkrishna said...

Stunning post! I knew nothing about this game! Now it's on my wish list! You're so much beter at posting than my rambling nonsense!

I have to say though that the thing that has got me most excited is the idea of owning a new edition of Sega Rally!

How do I play an NSTC game on my PS2? Answers on a postcard please...

The GagaMan(n) said...

Stop making the Saturn dedundant Sega! Now if they ever port something exclusive like Fighters Megamix I will be sick to the stomach..