Tuesday 9 February 2010

Hiroshi Fujioka - The Official Blog!

Since a couple of days actor and singer Hiroshi Fujioka has his very own blog. You may want to check it out right here and you better bookmark it right now! Unfortunately there is no RSS feed.

Then, after you have bookmarked it, the next thing you have to do is send him a personal letter with your congratulations on his 45th anniversary of his career! Congratulations, Segata-San!

There is no Segata Sanshiro related Post yet, but I bet there will be. At the latest when Sega is releasing the Saturn 2 in 2011.

Thursday 4 February 2010

Rally Cool!

A member of the AtariAge forum is selling his 1995 model Toyota Celica GT, one of the automobiles featured in the video game Sega Rally Championship. Judging from the pictures, it's in fantastic shape for a fifteen year old car, with much work done on the body to keep it in tip-top quality. There are even a few modern amenities, like a touch screen GPS that's the next best thing to a passenger barking "Hard right! Easy left!" in your ears before every turn. It's hard to say if this machine is street legal, but if you spent any time playing Sega Rally Championship during the Saturn's brief glory days, you're sure to agree that it's damn awesome.

The auction for the Toyota Celica GT has started at $2500, with the reserve price expected to be twice that amount. It's a small price to pay for driving and retro gaming excellence.