Wednesday 22 December 2010

Radient Silvergun Returns, and Introduces an Awesome Arcade Stick

While it has already been known that the Saturn classic Radient Silvergun will be returning via a release on the XBOX Live Arcade in 2011, it was just recently announced that there will also be a kick-ass arcade stick. Check this thing out! The stick is made by Hori (so it's quality) and will sell for $160. Yikes! Well, if you have that sorta dough, you can buy the stick here. If you do plan on buying one, make sure to buy a second one and send it my way.

Merry Christmas!

[source: Kotaku]

Thursday 9 December 2010

New Yu Suzuki Interview Reveals Shenmue Saturn Info!

If you haven't read 1UP's interview with Yu Suzuki, DO SO NOW! It's an excellent read and reveals many things that were unknown of Suzuki's past work, as well as hints towards what we could expect from a Shenmue 3 (he seems to favor the 360 and would work with just about anybody to get it made). But this is a Saturn blog, so let's stick to Saturn information. Part two of the interview touches on the short lived Saturn version of the game. Check out these cool factoids:

Note: JM is the interviewer, YS is Yu Suzuki and TH is Tak Hirai, Lead Programmer of Shenmue
JM: Shenmue began development on the Sega Saturn. Besides the visual elements, how much of it had changed by the time you began development for the Dreamcast? How long were you working on the Saturn version?
TH: Six months, just on programming.
YS: It's amazing how much we accomplished on the Saturn. It's unthinkable now.
TH: Yeah, it was something. I never want to do that again.

JM: What made you move it from the Saturn to Dreamcast? Was it because the Saturn was dying in terms of sales? Or was it that you realized you needed more powerful hardware to realize the game?
TH: The timing. The Saturn was coming to an end.
YS: Yeah, it was coming to a point where didn't make sense to release a game on the Saturn.
TH: There was also talk that the Dreamcast could handle the sword fight that we wanted to include in the game so we decided to reprogram the game for Dreamcast. We were also able to give input on the development of the hardware to match the game.

They end the interview with a mention of Fighters Megamix:
JM: Final question. Many years ago there was a newspaper advertisement promoting a "Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken." Was that concept ever supposed to become a game? Do you think a Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken game would work and if not, what franchises would you pair up?
YS: A long time ago we did a promotion with Virtua Fighter and Tekken characters. As a promotion and advertisement to get people's attention, I think it was a success and was good. But, it's not really my style and I don't like to mix games. I'm a purist. In my opinion, the only time you mix and match is when there are no new ideas and mixing is the last resort. So, it's not a very good thing. As long as there are new ideas, I'd rather prioritize working on new ideas.
JM: Then how do you rationalize Fighter's Megamix?
YS: [Fighter's Megamix director, Hiroshi] Kataoka likes that stuff.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

It has been too long. CGR looks at DOA!

This blog needs a fresh post! Well thankfully Classic Game Room took a look at Dead or Alive on the Saturn. Check out the review and boobies below:

In the comments section, tell me what your favorite Saturn 3D fighter is and why. Mine would have to be Fighters Megamix. Why? Hornet versus Akira.

Sunday 17 October 2010

The Sega Saturn Megamix

Whilst browsing Flickr for Saturn related stuff I found this amazing cover by some dude called Theodore Taylor III (the third?). The unique illustration of something that appears to be "Sonic" really caught my attention. He truly looks like the worn out, abused and resigned character he actually is these days. (Whereas Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors seem to slightly change that but who knows, what Sega comes up with next.)

Anyway. Theodore not only illustrated that very nice CD Cover, but he also made the Megamix himself. And since it's a free download, why not check it out on his blog. Personally I think he could have made some better transitions (or transitions at all?!), but the tunes are still great of course. Check out the playlist on his blog and dance to some Sega Saturn music.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Classic Game Room HD - Sega Saturn PS3 Controller

Forgive me if I'm posting stuff you've seen here before, but I've been away for while. I've been trawling the internet for youtube Saturn videos from the last year or so and this was at the top of the list. Lazy, I know, but I promise to get something posted that's a bit more personal, in terms of Saturn gaming in 2010/11... (that means playing the thing and reflecting on the experience, like I did in the early days of this esteemed organ!)

Hope you find it informative at least!

Sunday 3 October 2010

Saturn tribute in Dreamcast game on the PS3 (!)

Something rather wonderful has happened as a result of my recently accquired PS3. I've just downloaded, played and completed Sonic Adventure in two days! I've had lots of copies of this game on the Dreamcast over the years, but never played it further than the first level. I've always admired it for it's visuals and thought of it as one of the best looking game on the Dreamcast. But it never grabbed me and I've dabbled with Sonic Adventure 2 loads more in the past.

But for some reason, the idea of having Dreamcast games on my next gen consoles really appeals. I've had Ikaruga and Rez off XBLA, (and Powerstone and Crazy Taxi on my PSP) even though I've had copies for my Dreamcast for years. But Sonic Adventure has held me captivated all weekend in way that none of those other ports have.

Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing kicked off the latest Sega revival in my gaming tastes, (not that it takes much for me to get Sega-obsessive, but the strength of my passion comes in waves). Sonic Adventure is the first and only Sonic game I've ever played to completion - although I've dabbled with many of them. Others have been abandoned when they got frustratingly hard, but thanks to the convenience of having this on the PS3 hard drive, and with a bit of free time on my hands, I saw it through to it's conclusion!

The game left me swinging in opinion, somewhwere between feeling it is a masterpiece (visuals and music) and a catastrophe (story, gameplay, camera, voice acting). It had moments of beauty, but it also got me swearing a lot! I loved the soundtrack, most definitely some of the best gaming music ever to accompany a Sega title. Check out the NiGHTs '90s house remix'!

I nearly had an orgasm when I played the NiGHTS pinball machine in Casinopolis. So much Sega/Saturn fan service crammed into one level! It was the first time I had seen the Saturn tribute and I was left close to tears by the beauty of this gesture from Sonic team to it's Saturn predecessors.

As we all know, NiGHTS is now scattered far and wide from titles as divergent as Sega Superstars Tennis, to the Wii Nights sequel, in Sonic Pinball on the GBA, and is probably right now trying to sell his psychedelic concoctions to impressionable minors in a Chao garden near you! But this must have been pure joy to those Saturn nostalgics who had begrudgingly swapped there big black Sega boxes for a slightly smaller off-white one and were patiently awaiting Dreamcast sequels to great games like Burning Rangers, NiGHTS, Clockwork Knight, and Manx TT Super Bike.

I have to say, Sega did as shocking a job of porting the title to it's new incarnation on the PS3, as it did when it rush released it for The Dreamcast. It's flaws are absolutely hideous. No attempt has been made to tidy up the games bugs and glitches, which I would have to admit is slightly annoying. And there's no way to get your Chao onto a PSP or online to race against other owners. Come on Sega!

But I'd reccomend this title to all you Sega junkies with shiny PS3s/360s if only for the Saturn fan service alone!

Thursday 30 September 2010

Game (Not) Over Yeah!

Hi folks, it's your seldom seen correspondent and Saturn Junkyard founder, Father Krishna here! Just popping in to inform all you Saturn Junkies, that there is an exhaustive and authoritative feature in this months Games TM magazine (Issue 101) about every body's, favourite racer... Sega Rally! Now we're not talking Sega Rally 2, Sega Rally GBA, Sega Rally Revo, or the Japanese only PS2 rehash... we're talking the Saturn version.

It was the game that came bundled with my Saturn and the main reason I was unwilling to convert to the PS1. From the initial sound of an ignition key being turned, to the iconic "Game over yeah!", Sega Rally kept it simple and kept it sweet. In short, it's the best driving game I've ever played (to this day) and over-taking an opponent whilst drifting round a tight bend still gets me slightly aroused!

The article itself is six full pages of glossy A4, packed with lovely images, interesting facts about the development, and even a news of a secret feature hidden within the game that has never been revealed before!

I'd re-write it but there is too much to feasibly reproduce. I will try and get some scans of it and get it up here. If you're stuck trying to find it on the high-street you should be able to pick up a copy here.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Let's see a Playstation do THIS!

Scientists theorize that Jupiter and Saturn played catch with a neighboring planet, passing it back and forth between their gravitational fields for thousands of years before it broke off into its own orbit. Now that's power! You'd be lucky to find a Playstation that works after five years, let alone a thousand.

By the way, all jokes about the name of the planet in question will be politely ignored.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor coming to Kinect

Alright, alright. So this is neither a Saturn game, nor is it published by SEGA. However, the director of the original Panzer Dragoon Saturn trilogy, Yukio Futatsugi, is responsible for this piece of news. Yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, Yukio Futatsugi took the Microsoft stage to announce the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, Project Draco! While it hasn't been said officially that the game will take place in the Dragoon world, the visuals and fact that the gameplay remains the same makes it pretty apparent that this is what they're going for. Also: Panzer/Project, Dragoon/Draco? PD and PD? Hmm...

The game will be playable via Kinect, though it hasn't been said if the game will also be playable via standard controller. Microsoft describes the game as an “epic 3D flying shooter.” Via the Kinect, players nurture and communicate with the dragon to help develop its skills and train it in combat. Project Draco also includes online multiplayer over Xbox Live.

Very cool to see the series return in some form, especially with the creator behind the project! 

Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

Announced yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, Treasure's Saturn classic is heading to current gen consoles by way of the XBOX Live Arcade.

Some juicy details by way of
Radiant Silvergun features two player co-op and much like Ikaruga there's a detailed chain system in place to really rack up high scores.  In addition to that there's the seven weapon system which you can see detailed in the screenshot above.  While the graphics have been upgraded slightly the game will also see some variations of the chain system.
No release date or price has been given, but the news is very cool!

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Look what I got in the mail...

A good-will gift from the Americas, full of exotic goods from the kind people that inhabit those vast lands. Sorry for the bad joke, but from the time it took to cross the atlantic and the condition of the package it sure looked like it sat in the cargo-hold of a 17th century galleon for months. Don't worry, thought, the inside as you can see is impeccable.

What you're seeing is the grand prize for the first ever Saturn Junkyard contest, held by our own dear Barry the Nomad. As you might recall I snatched the first place thanks to my amazing sense of opportunity (that is, I was the only participant in the first round xD ) and thanks to that I'm now the proud owner of "1st High Flying Issue" of NiGHTS into Dreams and the 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue of Sonic the Hedgehog! Fucking yes!

You know what they say, the price was great...eheh...

Sorry, I'll stop...

Also, if I remember correctly the rules specified that, were the winner from another country, he had to take a picture showing that. Well, had this happened sometime ago, when the World Cup was still around, I wouldn't have any problem finding portuguese flags waving around everywhere, but right now they're a little harder to find so the best I could come up with was this:

It's an old book I got from my grandpa, from the time of the Salazar dictatorship, basically a fantasized retelling of our history that makes Portugal look like the best country ever. Yeah, the 2oth century was complicated for us...

Also, some traditional music, if you fancy that:

Oh, and I had completely forgotten about this:

When I saw it, at first I was scared, then curious, then confused, and then finally I realized what it was :P

Thanks for everything, Barry, you're the man ;)

Friday 6 August 2010

Join The SEGA Network's Scrap Heap

Inspired by the previous post, I've created a shared Flickr photo group called "The SEGA Network Scrap Heap"! The SGNW Scrap Heap is a shared album open to all readers and writers from the Sega Network blogs. The purpose of the Scrap Heap is to collect photos of our SEGA collections to create, well, a scrap heap of SEGA consoles, games, books and collectibles.

The only rules are that you may only upload photos of items you own, no fuzzy Google image searches, and that the items must pertain to SEGA. Feel free to show off your shelf of PS2 games, as long as there are SEGA games to be seen. No worries if a pesky Squaresoft or Nintendo game sneaks into the frame.

Check out the album here and start uploading!

Sunday 1 August 2010

Oh btw! My collection.

So I was moving into a much smaller apartment, which meant that I had to "outsource" my Saturn collection. Which is quite a pity, but who can display all those Saturns properly anyway. I'd need a single room for that. So I bought two Ikea billy shelfs and put everything in there.

The right shelf is exclusively full of Saturn hardware, namely Saturns and periphery, whilst the left shelf features all my Saturn games (PAL, some US and a lot of JP), special editions and also random crap from my household like a complete run of Amiga Joker magazines. Oh and PSX games as well.

Tuesday 13 July 2010 Interviews Yuji Naka: NiGHTS on the PC?!

The folks over at have scored a pretty awesome interview with Yuji Naka. It's a cool read, with a majority of the discussion focusing on the Saturn classic rather than the Wii unclassic. I won't spoil too much, but Steven Spielberg and that rumored NiGHTS Saturn controller are brought up. Check out the interview!

During the interview, Naka brings up a PC version of NiGHTS that was released in 2003. That was news to the interviewer and it is news to me as well! Check out the Japanese site detailing the 2003 premiere.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

14 Saturn Games That Should Be DLC

Ugo did a roundup of some Saturn games that should be considered for download.

All in all Panzer Dragoon Saga should be at the top of everyone's list because it's so damn hard to find a copy of it.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Happy 4th! Let's look at a pin!

Happy 4th of July, fellow Americans! I'm taking a break from burgers, beer and Jeff Goldblum battling aliens to share the above SEGA Saturn pin that I found while at my parents house. I have no idea where I got it, but I know I received it around the US launch of the Saturn. Cool little item. Not much more to say about it. It's a Saturn pin and it's cool.

In celebration of all things American and Saturn, I'm going to pose a question for the comments section: What is your favorite American developed Saturn game?

I would have to choose Mr. Bones, a quirky collection of mini-games developed by California's Zono Incorporated. Mr. Bones is one of those games that only could have been made in the 90's and was uniquely American, combining hard rock with a southern skeleton. Check it out... for America!

Wednesday 30 June 2010

SEGA might re-release Saturn games

from George of SEGAbits

[Fuck yeah, playing Sonic Adventure with no widescreen]

Yosuke Okunari, who is producing the SEGA Dreamcast re-releases and produced the Sega Ages 2500 series, has an interview with Impress Watch. In the interview, they asked him about the SEGA Saturn, you know, the only major SEGA console not to get digital re-releases?

Click here to read what Okunari had to say!

What Saturn games would you like rereleased? Let us know in the comments section!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Virtua Fighter 5 Has a Saturn!

Okay, so I posted the same thing over at the Dreamcast Junkyard. But I'd be silly not to share this at the Saturn 'Yard as well. Commence copy/paste with minor copy changes!

Looks like cheetah print bandannas won't be the coolest accessories to be found in the latest and last version of 'Virtua Fighter 5'. Players of the upcoming game will have the opportunity to buy a Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive to wear on the characters backs. For added awesomeness, the consoles prices match what they were when the consoles launched in Japan. Of course, you'll be buying them with in-game currency rather than yen.

In celebration of this event, I'd like to present three two other SEGA games that featured characters wearing Dreamcast Saturn consoles.

The Cast of Virtual-On

Segata Sanshiro (obviously)

Segata, forgive me for posting such a low resolution image of you...

  Praise be to Segata!

[Source: SEGAbits]

Thursday 20 May 2010

Alpha Protocol Has a Saturn!

Obsidian's Alpha Protocol may only be published by SEGA, but don't tell special agent Michael Thorton that! It seems the game's star has an entertainment setup not too different from our own. HDTV (check), a line of games (check) and... a SEGA Saturn?! Who knows, maybe players can head on down to the local convenience mart and enter a raffle for some games.

SJY exclusive: the same image enlarged and altered to better see the sweet system.

SJY second exclusive: could this be the same model, a white Japanese model 1?

[Source: UK:R]

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Ryo Hazuki's Saturn

As a part of Shenmonth I've got a very special treat. I contacted Ryo Hazuki of the 'Shenmue' games and asked him to tell us about his Saturn collection! Enjoy!

The Saturn Junkyard (SJY): Hey bro!

Ryo Hazuki (RH): Hey Barry.

SJY: I'll get right to the point: What happened after Shenmue II?

RH: I'm sorry, I cannot discuss that.

SJY: Why not?

RH: I have a NDA with SEGA and Yu Suzuki. I can not discuss my early life experiences as I have an exclusive contract. SEGA makes games based off my life story and in return I receive a cut of their profits. If I disclose the events of Shenmue III my contract is void.

SJY: But there has not been a new Shenmue for nearly ten years, surly you could-

RH: Listen! That 'Sega and Sonic Racers' really helped both me and Nozomi! Those avatar jackets alone paid for our house!

SJY: So you're married to Nozomi!?

RH: Oh sh- um... how about we talk about the Saturn.

SJY: How about this: I don't tell SEGA you breached your NDA and you tell me, personally and secretly, the plot of Shenmue III.

RH: Don't you know that blackmail is way uncool?

SJY: ... I was only joking, Ryo.

RH: [laughs] I know! Let's get sweaty and talk about the Saturn!

SJY: [laughs] Alright bro! The first thing you have to tell us is how in the world did you own a Saturn in 1987?

RH: SEGA has always been ahead of the times. The Meganet modem for the Mega Drive, 3D gaming on the Master System and 128-bit graphics on the Dreamcast. In 1987 SEGA had already developed an early model of the Saturn and chose Yokosuka as a testing ground.

SJY: That's amazing! I had thought development began in 1993, but you're telling me SEGA began work as early as 1987?

RH: Yes, however the hardware was very different. My Saturn could only play arcade ports at the time. 3D capability was still being tested. My two games were 'Space Harrier' and 'Hang-On'.

 Low-res scan of Ryo's copy of Space Harrier

SJY: Which you won in a raffle at the Tomato Convenience Store?

RH: Exactly. In an effort to promote local businesses, SEGA gave a Saturn system to select households, but did not provide games. Instead we had to win games which in turn helped the local businesses. It was a unique idea, and it worked. I could play thousand dollar arcade machine games at home!

SJY: Do you still have the games and the system? They must be very rare!

RH:  I may be a 41-year old man, but I never outgrew my Saturn. I still have it hooked up in the basement. Iwao Jr. loves 'Hang-On'.

SJY: You have a son?

RH:  DAMN! Please don't spread that information around.

SJY: No problem. Maybe we can discuss a trade? I'd love to get that copy of 'Space Harrier'. Looking for anything Saturn related?

RH:  I'm looking for a black Saturn.

SJY: I have one, but I'm not willing to trade.

RH:  Have you seen a black Saturn?

SJY: I have seen one. I own it, but I'm not trading.

RH:  I'm looking for a black Saturn.

SJY: Thanks for talking Ryo, we'll talk again soon!

RH:  Excuse me.

SJY: Yeah?

RH:  It's nothing.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

SEGA Saturn surprise launch announcement anniversary

by George of SEGAbits

Oh, SEGA,  just to one-up Sony you guys decided to launch your console early. 15 years ago today, SEGA CEO Tom Kalinske stood in front of the press and announced that the SEGA Saturn would launch early do to “high consumer demand”. The announcement was made at the first ever E3.
“Many Americans have gone to the extent of paying $ 800 and more for Sega Saturn units from Japan,” Kalinske explained. “We’ve decided to bring the product to market earlier than scheduled to meet the high consumer demand, to refine our marketing strategy over the summer, prior to the important fall season, and to get a headstart on the competition.”
The SEGA Saturn launched at the price of $399.99 for the stand alone version and $499.99 with Virtua Fighter (also came with a disc that showed other titles).

Click here to read SEGA’s press release from 1995. It is like going back in time.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

My Lame 'Nuts & Bolts' Saturn

Before you execute a Segata stanglehold on me for not posting a pic from a Saturn game, let me explain. I recently picked up the 360 game 'Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts' and am throughly enjoying it. Particularly the vehicle building aspect. Finally a way for me to play with Legos as a grown man! Of course, my first order of business was to build a Sega Saturn car. As you can see above, I did a so-so job. As this is my first vehicle, and my parts inventory is small, I ask you to forgive me and let me have another crack at it once my skills improve. Expect a "model 2" in the coming month. Do I get extra points for adding the memory cartridge?

Fun fact: 'Nuts & Bolts' has one degree of seperation from Segata Sanshiro. Banjo & Kazooie appeared in the 360 version of 'Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing', and Segata himself was considered as a racer early in the dev stages. They even drew up concept art (which has yet to be seen)! His lack of inclusion was, in part, due to Sega not owning the likeness of Hiroshi Fujioka (Segata's actor).

Obligatory vintage Hiroshi image:

UPDATE – I gave it another try and made a much better Saturn vehicle:

Tuesday 27 April 2010

'Panzer Dragoon Saga' Sequel = Necessary

We haven't had a post in a while and I'm short on time! Thankfully, Game Trailers did the work for me and listed 'Panzer Dragoon Saga' in their "Top 10 Necessary Sequels" list. Watch, enjoy and weep:

Tuesday 23 March 2010

SASAR Saturn Reference Roundup

With Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing hitting the one month mark of being available, I thought I'd give a roundup of references that Saturn fans can find within the game.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is an excellent game (a 9/10 in my eyes), but it lacks in the Saturn reference department. To illustrate this point, take a look at the badly designed graph below:

Sega Franchises in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Broken Down By Hardware on Which They Debuted
Note: Some IPs receive multiple mentions when specific characters or sequels debuted on multiple formats, i.e. Sonic on the Mega Drive and Shadow on the Dreamcast

As you can see, not much love for the Saturn. Damn you Dreamcast for winning our hearts and in turn taking most of the IPs! So what does Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing offer for Saturn fans? The most prominent franchise would have to be The House of the Dead, which offers up three exciting tracks taking place in, around and under the Curien Mansion as seen in the Arcade and Saturn version of The House of the Dead. To accompany the tracks are two memorable tunes for the first game, Into the Dark and Aura of Dread.

Up next is the Saturn fighting franchise, Virtua Fighter! Okay, so Virtua Fighter is technically an Arcade franchise. But when it came to playing
Virtua Fighter at home, the Saturn reigns supreme! While the models, animations and voice samples of Jacky and Akira are pulled from Virtua Fighter 5, the All-Star icon for Akira's boost comes direct from Virtua Fighter Kids. Awww, how kawaii!

With Richard Jacques in charge of the music, it wasn't much of a surprise to see some music from Sonic R featured. The main theme Super Sonic Racing appears in the Casino Park tracks while Can You Feel The Sunshine? accompanies Seaside Hill tracks.

Last and unfortunately least is the Saturn's golden child, NiGHTS. Nearly forgotten, NiGHTS slipped into the game after crazed jester fans pushed Sega and Sumo to give him/her some representation. What is NiGHTS role? Why she/he's the flagman!

In my opinion this is the best place for NiGHTS. I think he/she'd look too goofy driving a car and probably deserves a toned down appearance after bringing us the so-so Journey into Dreams.

With DLC on the horizon, Saturn fans can only hope that franchises like Virtua Cop and Panzer Dragoon get some love. Janet in a squad car and Keil Fluge on a dragon please! Skip ahead to 2:15 and tell me that Virtua City would make for an AWESOME track:

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Hiroshi Fujioka - The Official Blog!

Since a couple of days actor and singer Hiroshi Fujioka has his very own blog. You may want to check it out right here and you better bookmark it right now! Unfortunately there is no RSS feed.

Then, after you have bookmarked it, the next thing you have to do is send him a personal letter with your congratulations on his 45th anniversary of his career! Congratulations, Segata-San!

There is no Segata Sanshiro related Post yet, but I bet there will be. At the latest when Sega is releasing the Saturn 2 in 2011.

Thursday 4 February 2010

Rally Cool!

A member of the AtariAge forum is selling his 1995 model Toyota Celica GT, one of the automobiles featured in the video game Sega Rally Championship. Judging from the pictures, it's in fantastic shape for a fifteen year old car, with much work done on the body to keep it in tip-top quality. There are even a few modern amenities, like a touch screen GPS that's the next best thing to a passenger barking "Hard right! Easy left!" in your ears before every turn. It's hard to say if this machine is street legal, but if you spent any time playing Sega Rally Championship during the Saturn's brief glory days, you're sure to agree that it's damn awesome.

The auction for the Toyota Celica GT has started at $2500, with the reserve price expected to be twice that amount. It's a small price to pay for driving and retro gaming excellence.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Virtua Fighter Kids in New Sega Racer?


Sorry, but I'm too excited to type! According to the newly launched Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing website, Jacky Bryant has joined the roster of playable characters. Today has been a big day for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing reveals. Ulala and B.D. Joe of Crazy Taxi were announced this morning. But those are Dreamcast stars, now it's time for a Saturn All-Star to shine!

Why are they showing Akira over Jacky's name? Well Akira is actually the icon for Jacky's All-Star move, a special character specific move in the game. This means that not only do you race as Jacky (presumably in a race car), but if you get the Akira icon, Jacky's old sparring partner comes out to lend a hand.

Also, note the character style for Akira. Could Sega be reviving the Virtua Fighter Kids art style?