Tuesday 20 March 2012

Recent acquisitions and ramblings

Still alive, guys! Still alive! Just really, really busy... Still, that didn't prevent me from acquiring a little something for my Saturn Collection. Lo and behold, my very own Saturn light gun!

God knows how long I've been after one of these bad boys, but the prices over here kept me from just jumping in. At last I saw one that was affordable enough for my dwindling wallet. Unfortunately it suffered quite a rough journey, even though I specifically asked the seller to sent it via registered mail, which he did, those monkeys at the post office must have played football with it or something, because they managed to break that part where the hammer would be on a real gun. Shit...

Still, it works like a charm, and that's what really matters in the end, since I bought it to play, not collect. and play I have! I immediately grabbed myself a copy of House of the Dead, and been having a blast, blasting (excuse the redundancy) zombies away. What a gory little game. BTW, do you guys have any suggestions as to what games to play next? I've already played Virtua Cop 1 and 2 to death on the rather great PS2 collection, so I'm looking for something else.

Oh, and I noticed the header up there was out, for some reason the server where the image was hosted deleted it or something. I couldn't find the original file anywhere, but I think it looked like this. Better than just an empty space, I think :)