Thursday 30 September 2010

Game (Not) Over Yeah!

Hi folks, it's your seldom seen correspondent and Saturn Junkyard founder, Father Krishna here! Just popping in to inform all you Saturn Junkies, that there is an exhaustive and authoritative feature in this months Games TM magazine (Issue 101) about every body's, favourite racer... Sega Rally! Now we're not talking Sega Rally 2, Sega Rally GBA, Sega Rally Revo, or the Japanese only PS2 rehash... we're talking the Saturn version.

It was the game that came bundled with my Saturn and the main reason I was unwilling to convert to the PS1. From the initial sound of an ignition key being turned, to the iconic "Game over yeah!", Sega Rally kept it simple and kept it sweet. In short, it's the best driving game I've ever played (to this day) and over-taking an opponent whilst drifting round a tight bend still gets me slightly aroused!

The article itself is six full pages of glossy A4, packed with lovely images, interesting facts about the development, and even a news of a secret feature hidden within the game that has never been revealed before!

I'd re-write it but there is too much to feasibly reproduce. I will try and get some scans of it and get it up here. If you're stuck trying to find it on the high-street you should be able to pick up a copy here.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Let's see a Playstation do THIS!

Scientists theorize that Jupiter and Saturn played catch with a neighboring planet, passing it back and forth between their gravitational fields for thousands of years before it broke off into its own orbit. Now that's power! You'd be lucky to find a Playstation that works after five years, let alone a thousand.

By the way, all jokes about the name of the planet in question will be politely ignored.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor coming to Kinect

Alright, alright. So this is neither a Saturn game, nor is it published by SEGA. However, the director of the original Panzer Dragoon Saturn trilogy, Yukio Futatsugi, is responsible for this piece of news. Yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, Yukio Futatsugi took the Microsoft stage to announce the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, Project Draco! While it hasn't been said officially that the game will take place in the Dragoon world, the visuals and fact that the gameplay remains the same makes it pretty apparent that this is what they're going for. Also: Panzer/Project, Dragoon/Draco? PD and PD? Hmm...

The game will be playable via Kinect, though it hasn't been said if the game will also be playable via standard controller. Microsoft describes the game as an “epic 3D flying shooter.” Via the Kinect, players nurture and communicate with the dragon to help develop its skills and train it in combat. Project Draco also includes online multiplayer over Xbox Live.

Very cool to see the series return in some form, especially with the creator behind the project! 

Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

Announced yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, Treasure's Saturn classic is heading to current gen consoles by way of the XBOX Live Arcade.

Some juicy details by way of
Radiant Silvergun features two player co-op and much like Ikaruga there's a detailed chain system in place to really rack up high scores.  In addition to that there's the seven weapon system which you can see detailed in the screenshot above.  While the graphics have been upgraded slightly the game will also see some variations of the chain system.
No release date or price has been given, but the news is very cool!