Wednesday 18 August 2010

Look what I got in the mail...

A good-will gift from the Americas, full of exotic goods from the kind people that inhabit those vast lands. Sorry for the bad joke, but from the time it took to cross the atlantic and the condition of the package it sure looked like it sat in the cargo-hold of a 17th century galleon for months. Don't worry, thought, the inside as you can see is impeccable.

What you're seeing is the grand prize for the first ever Saturn Junkyard contest, held by our own dear Barry the Nomad. As you might recall I snatched the first place thanks to my amazing sense of opportunity (that is, I was the only participant in the first round xD ) and thanks to that I'm now the proud owner of "1st High Flying Issue" of NiGHTS into Dreams and the 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue of Sonic the Hedgehog! Fucking yes!

You know what they say, the price was great...eheh...

Sorry, I'll stop...

Also, if I remember correctly the rules specified that, were the winner from another country, he had to take a picture showing that. Well, had this happened sometime ago, when the World Cup was still around, I wouldn't have any problem finding portuguese flags waving around everywhere, but right now they're a little harder to find so the best I could come up with was this:

It's an old book I got from my grandpa, from the time of the Salazar dictatorship, basically a fantasized retelling of our history that makes Portugal look like the best country ever. Yeah, the 2oth century was complicated for us...

Also, some traditional music, if you fancy that:

Oh, and I had completely forgotten about this:

When I saw it, at first I was scared, then curious, then confused, and then finally I realized what it was :P

Thanks for everything, Barry, you're the man ;)

Friday 6 August 2010

Join The SEGA Network's Scrap Heap

Inspired by the previous post, I've created a shared Flickr photo group called "The SEGA Network Scrap Heap"! The SGNW Scrap Heap is a shared album open to all readers and writers from the Sega Network blogs. The purpose of the Scrap Heap is to collect photos of our SEGA collections to create, well, a scrap heap of SEGA consoles, games, books and collectibles.

The only rules are that you may only upload photos of items you own, no fuzzy Google image searches, and that the items must pertain to SEGA. Feel free to show off your shelf of PS2 games, as long as there are SEGA games to be seen. No worries if a pesky Squaresoft or Nintendo game sneaks into the frame.

Check out the album here and start uploading!

Sunday 1 August 2010

Oh btw! My collection.

So I was moving into a much smaller apartment, which meant that I had to "outsource" my Saturn collection. Which is quite a pity, but who can display all those Saturns properly anyway. I'd need a single room for that. So I bought two Ikea billy shelfs and put everything in there.

The right shelf is exclusively full of Saturn hardware, namely Saturns and periphery, whilst the left shelf features all my Saturn games (PAL, some US and a lot of JP), special editions and also random crap from my household like a complete run of Amiga Joker magazines. Oh and PSX games as well.