Thursday 26 June 2008

Gladiators Play The Saturn!

OK, I'll come clean. I've already posted this video before (or links to it anyway) but I can barely conceal my delight at finding an embeddable version. What makes it so great is that apart from being a blast from my kids TV past, it features the legend that IS Andy Crane!

Andy Crane used to present kid's TV for the BBC, with a glove puppet called Ed The Duck. He was quite the man at the time. Since then his career has now nosedived quite a bit and he is now news anchor man of a Manchester only TV channel. He is also a figure of affectionate ridicule on the wonderful UK Resistance.

So strap yourself into the DeLorean, set the dial to 1994 and enjoy!!

Street Fighter The Movie The Game. (Making of!)

Yeah so I know the folks over at felt this game was the worst Saturn Game ever...

But come on folks!

I bought it and it's probably the best $3 I spent. (In the top ten at least)

Go back and read my review where I discuss why the game is totally worth $4.00 (American)!

In any case take a look at some of these production shots. Just because...
Cammy Minogue

Also the original discussion about the game.

Come on people! The Saturn version was SO MUCH better than the arcade version. We can all agree on that.

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Sega Saturn Tie! (and some other stuff...)

Well the posts over here seem to have dried up a little of late, a situation I hope to rectify soon.

So for the time being please forgive me for raiding a few other websites for inspiration. First of all one of my regular visits to the excellent UK Resistance yielded this rather excellent piece of Saturn obscura, the Sega Saturn tie!!! Phenomenal!!!

Meanwhile over at Sega Nerds is this thing about the most wonderful and sought after epic, the Panzer Dragoon Saga, which is well worth checking out.

Of other interest, unlike Sega USA or Sega Europe, Sega Japan are celebrating their retro console heritage by showcasing the Saturn over on their website. To get to a lovely translated version of that particular site look here...

For those of you who are lucky enough to have experienced the joys of the Saturn online (and I only know of one, Nick 944, who frequents the Planet Dreamcast Forums) you may be interested in this little site... the Saturn League which brings together those who wish to play the likes of Sega Rally and erm... a couple of other titles over the Internet. Check it out here...

Those far more sophisticated Saturn bloggers, over at have voted Street Fighter: The Movie as the worst Saturn game of all time. But they still haven't provided a link to us over here at the SJY... Can't we sort that out? Surely they know about us and this is at least the second time we've given them a 'heads up'...

So here's hoping our fabulous team of contributors will step up to the plate and give us some more fabulous posts very soon! Until then it's a farewell from your host, Father K!

Thursday 12 June 2008

Sega Saturn Prototype

Whilst checking some cardboard boxes under my bed, I was quite surprised to find some magazines there, which I totally forgot about. Not only did I find my "Multimedia Joker" magazines, which I missed for years by now, but also an Issue of german "Playtime" magazine, which greeted me with a glaring image of something remotely looking like a Sega Saturn. Whereas I did know this image of a prototype already, I was quite happy to see the picture inside, which I never saw before. The prototype looks strikingly real and a bit like the screenshot was taken straight from a VHS tape (notice the weird "lines" at the bottom of the image). I have also to admit, that it does look a tad cool actually? Unlike the many other prototypes which range from gruesome to downright hilarious.

Here's the picture from the cover, which looks like if it was colored by the guys from the magazine. Imho this is really ugly and not compareable to the picture found inside the mag, which looks much more slick.

Oh and on a sidenote: It must be a sign of god, that the only issue of "Playtime" I ever bought, features the very first picture and coverage of the Sega Saturn. Long time before I actually knew what a Sega Saturn is.

Friday 6 June 2008

The Incredibly Cute Saturn Soft Case

On my countless forays into the depths of the ebay Sega Saturn auctions, I spotted this sweet little... thing. At first I thought it's a boxed white Saturn, but the auction description lured me with the words "Soft Case". I dug further and found out, that this little fella is indeed a "Soft Case", whereas Sega probably meant "Software" and not the physical condition of the item. So, you can literally put software in it, which should be preferably Sega Saturn CDs, of course, and the case will protect it. You can choose to either put 4 CDs with jewel cases in it, or use the book like thing to put in even more CDs. 10 to be exact. What's a bit weird about that thing is, that you can also put the manuals in it. The back of the box also suggests, that you may carry your Sega Saturn joypad in it, which I haven't tested though.

The appearance of this thing is really cute for some odd reason. It nearly looks like an original white Sega Saturn, but it's different enough to be overly cute. I immediately fell in love with it and thus didn't care, that I had to pay approximately 60 USD for this thing. It's either rare or very sought after. The original price tag, when this thing was released, was around 14 USD (Yen 1,480). Talk about valorisation!