Thursday 29 October 2009

Mancunian Delights

Two days ago a lovely package arrived from old merry England. The always giving Father K had bestowed upon me riches from mother country. As the gifts were Saturn related, I can share them here with all of you (I'm not gloating, just taking advantage of the opportunity to make another post... okay, I'm gloating a little...).

FK told me to not get too excited, but how could I not?! If you're going to give me an issue of the UK Saturn Magazine that excites me, it's going to be one featuring Sonic. The demo disc was even included!

The issue included an awesome Fighters Megamix article. As the AM2 classic is currently my game of choice, this article was a great read.

Christmas NiGHTS also received an awesome preview. I miss the days when gaming magazines did a two page lead-in spread to articles, highlighting artwork from the game. Nowadays it's all words, subscription cards and silly HD graphics.

Also included was the Virtua Fighter comic book, a comic which coincidentally I've been considering picking up on ebay. Here the lovely Sarah poses next to a can of Mancurian ale. Beer and women, the two best things on Earth. The Sega Saturn is the third.
Many thanks FK!


Tuesday 20 October 2009

NiGHTS Contest Winners!

The results are in! Miss Universe was unavailable to choose a winner, so I had to do it myself. The winner of NiGHTS number 1 is....

What's this!? There are two winners?? NiGHTS him/herself explains: "Just as there are two dreamers, there two winners."

Thank you NiGHTS, so the TWO winners are... NebachadnezzaR placing first and Father Krishna as runner-up!

NebachadnezzaR: I'd fly about. With Sonic in my arms. Held tightly, his soft fur against my naked chest...ok, this is starting to sound yiffing creepy...

Father Krishna: I would fly over to Japan to romantically seek out Segata Sanshiro, the other iconic face of Saturn. I'd then fly into Sega's main office and kidnap the CE0 for allowing the crappy Wii version to sully my good name...

Finally I'd fly over to Thailand and play out m final years as a lady-boy, exploring the vaguely confusing blend of gender bestowed on me at birth. *cough!* Do I win a prize?

Yes, FK, you certainly do! The Thai reference put it over the top, as I myself have been to Bangkok's red light district and the less said about that night the better. Neb won because he was the only person to enter the contest when it was first announced, plus I'm a big fan of Sonic Yaoi fanfics. Congrats you sickos!

Neb wins NiGHTS Issue 1, the 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue of Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie Comics AND The Observatory from Panta of

FK wins one of the six NiGHTS comics, I won't say which one, and whatever else I can squeeze into the envelope.

Please send your addresses via email. If you do not know my real email address, you can send to my old junk address: 
I dare not post my true address due to spam and such. Plus, my old email address is much more fitting for a Saturn blog. :)

Expect part 3 of NiGHTS into Comics next week. Cheers an' all that!

Sunday 18 October 2009

Barry the Nomad's Saturn Collection

Hey kids! As I was in the photo taking mood, and because I'd yet to do this, I thought I'd share my Saturn collection.

I bought my first Saturn in the winter of 1997, used, with a selection of ten games. My late arrival to the system was, in part, due to my love for my Genesis. Another reason I had held off from the system was that I was low on cash and didn't see any urgency in owning a Saturn as there was no true Sonic game for the system. It wasn't until I played NiGHTS at a department store that I knew I had to own the system.

In the past few months I've returned to the system with the purchase of a Japanese model, two stunners and a few new games.

For the most part, the games seen below were purchased between 1997 and 2000. The prize of my collection is a mint Burning Rangers that I had bought sealed in 2000 for $30, it was the first online purchase I had ever made. Recent additions include Clockwork Knight 2, Mr. Bones and the standard demo of NiGHTS.

The majority of my disc only games are fighters, my favorite being FIGHTERS MEGAMIX. The Bootleg Sampler and Bug! demo discs have been great in helping decide which games to buy. After five minutes of playing the Bug! demo, I knew that I will never want to own the full game (now watch, a month from now I'll own it and the sequel, damn ebay addition). The odd duck is Quaterback Attack, a game that I probably bought as it was 99 cents and I was in a buying mood. What was I thinking? I hate (American) football games.

So there you have it, my small but immensely fun Saturn collection! Oh, and I now write for the Dreamcast Junkyard! :D

Thursday 15 October 2009

More than meets the eye...

Because it's getting harder and harder to make relevant posts about the Sega Saturn, allow me to present to you the Saturn controller Transformer!

This insectoid was built from the pieces of a discarded Sega Mission Stick by artist James Ian Killenger. It's a pretty clever modification, but I'm fairly confident that after this little operation, the controller will never play another game of Powerslave/Exhumed. However, in its current state, it would be right at home in a game of Galaga.

(Question: What games were especially designed for the Mission Stick? As a 2D enthusiast, I was never overly interested in playing the kinds of games that would have taken advantage of such a controller, but now I'm a little curious.)

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Calling Our Barry...

Bazzer, could you please email FK ( I have a little something that I need to send to you... Cheers mate!

Friday 9 October 2009

New Apparel Anyone?

The Tokyo Game Show is slowly wrapping up and the first user submitted pictures from the TGS hallways appeared on the web. Usually I am not that interested in modern gaming anymore, but when I saw two pictures in particular I was quite shocked! Apparently there are two new Sega Saturn t-shirts being released by COSPA and good lord, do they look gorgeous or what?! With a price tag of 3,045 Japanese Yen they are not what I'd call "cheap", yet I feel the incredibly powerful urge to actually buy them. All three of them! Three? Yes, the second shirt (picture down there) is actually coming in two colors. A weirdo turquoise color and the more classic and gorgeous bordeaux on white (what's up with all that french in the colors?).

If you plan to buy those shirts, then you have two possibilities. Visit the COSPA site, (there's an "english guide" here) try your luck and see if they ship overseas. Or place an order through the Shopping Mall Japan service, which lets you bid on japanese auctions, as well as making purchases in japanese online shops! Good luck.


Oh and btw! They do have equally great Mega Drive Shirts as well!

Wednesday 7 October 2009

The Death of a Different Kind of Saturn

Is this a completely useless article meant to fill the void of articles here at the Saturn Junkyard? Of course not! (Okay, it actually is).

Last month saw the demise of the other Saturn machine, the Saturn car. Following the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automotive to acquire Saturn Corporation, General Motors announced that it expected to phase out the Saturn brand by October 2010. What does this have to do with SEGA Saturn fans? Well, for one thing, whenever I say "I just bought a brand new black American Saturn", the average person would think of this:

When in actuality, I was referring to this:

Imagine the looks on peoples faces when I then tell them that the Saturn was only $20! Saturn fans will also remember the Saturn (the car) as the other search result that shows up on Google. While Saturn (the console) fans may care little about the Saturn car, remember how you felt when Sega moved on to the Dreamcast. Right now, thousands of car owners are feeling the same thing we once did. So if you see a Saturn owner, give them a hug.