Thursday 20 November 2008

More Segata Sanshiro Merchandise

Woo yay.

Bought another batch of Sega Saturn merchandise. Most of it has to do with our great king Segata Sanshiro. First of all, though, I want to introduce you to this weird Sega Saturn branded... thing. I actually don't know what it is, or what it does. I assume you can store... things in it. Maybe CDs? It's very soft and has a little strap to carry it around with you. Very weird, yet interesting.

Then there's this great Segata Sanshiro... plush puppet. It's approximately 30 cm tall and very soft, so you can cuddle it as much as you want. On the back he carries a Sega Saturn, because I guess he's currently on training. There's this nice detail actually on that little cardboard label: This puppet came in varations. There are two with a half smiling mouth and 3 others with an angry (!) mouth. Also his arm positions seem different from puppet to puppet. Of course I need them all now.

With the puppet came this really cool and tiny Segata Sanshiro cell phone strap. You can put it on your cell phone and when doing so, you are most probably the coolest person in your country. It's very detailed, very nice painted and Segata Sanshiro looks really angry. Last but not least there's this incredible Segata Sanshiro t-shirt. This one actually got quite expensive (around 35 EUR), but it's totally worth it. It came with the original factory sealed plastic bag and features one big and many small Segata Sanshiros on the front accompanied by the Segata Sanshiro title. Who wouldn't love to wear that every day?

Fighting Force Alpha Cover

So, regarding that Fighting Force for the Saturn; I have yet to play it (Shame on me!), but at least I finally find some time to post the cover artwork I made for it here. It is based on the japanese Fighting Force version for the Playstation and looks much better, than the PAL artworks, imho. Yet, I will also try to do a PAL style one, since I guess everyone is much more familiar with this one and some probably even like it. Download the fullsize (300 Dpi) JPGs right here.

P.S.: When you print it out, it's actually 1 mm bigger, than a real cover insert. So you have some kind of buffer, for cutting. Try to cut approx. 1 mm off of it, so that it'll fit the jewel case.

Saturday 15 November 2008

Judgement/Fighting Force on Sega Saturn

Hey, do you remember how Fighting Force was supposed to be a Sega Saturn exclusive before Core suddenly decided to switch its development over to the Playstation? It was the first worrisome sign that the system wasn't going to be as fierce a competitor in the video game market as its predecessor, the Sega Genesis.

Anyway, someone's managed to find the early beta version of Fighting Force (dubbed Judgement Force) for the Sega Saturn. It doesn't look too pretty after being held in cold storage for a decade, but hey, Saturn fans have to take what they can get these days. On a side note, it looks like Saturn Junkyard member elend had something to do with this game getting dumped, so be sure to give him props for that.

Friday 7 November 2008

The Sega Saturn Backpack

Finally I was able to buy one of these great Sega Saturn backpacks. They were released by Sega to... well... only god knows why. But as a Sega Saturn fan I really appreciate that and thank Sega for releasing something that cool. Whereas other console branded backpacks only have logos on them, the Sega Saturn backpack actually looks like a Sega Saturn with all its details. It even comes with a Joypad pouch! You have 2 external pockets. One under the CD lid and the other in the Saturn's memory card slot. Other than that, the main pocket is big enough for a Sega Saturn and other crap as well. It only costs around 47 Pound Sterling (7,140 Yen) and should be in the possession of every Saturn fanatic.

On a little sidenote: Also check out this incredibly cool Mega Drive tote! That's the birthday present for your girlfriends.