Monday 28 January 2019

A Sega Saturn Classic? Good Idea or Bad Idea?

With the release (and subsequent price drop) of Sony's Playstation Classic, one has to wonder how a Sega Saturn Classic system would fair in today's market. Yes the PS Classic did poorly, but that was due to lack of care on Sony's part The Games list was questionable, the hardware was weak and the Emulator choice was not the best route they could of taken. So what do you all think, would a Sega Saturn Classic work? My initial thought would be No, seeing as how Companies seem to be moving away from the Classic Console and investing into newer consoles that share the classic name. The ColecoVision Phoenix and Intellivision Amico are on the horizon and these will have new game as well as play the classics. Lets not forget The AtariBox ... I mean, we've heard NOTHING about it for a while, but it's still out there ... Maybe.

Anyway, after giving it a little more thought, a Sega Saturn Classic Would be absolutely the perfect thing to get the Classic Mini market the charge it needs. Look at all the great games that can be put on it. Even if it shipped with only 20 Games, you can bet that the Sega Saturn 20 will be a hell of alot better than Sony's picks.

If there will be a Sega Saturn Classic ... Here is a list of everything that it must include, in my personal opinion. Its a given, that licensing issues and technical jargon may prevent these things from happening, but I am only striving to give the best product around. I'll let the lawyers and technical wizards handle the rest.

Of course make it look like the Saturn, with matching 6 Button Controller
This is kind of a no Brainer, but I don't want anyone getting any funny ideas. Don't mess with this look! Also the Controller MUST be a Model 2 style!

Make the button actually open the lid! Why? Because you can put a MicroSD Card to save your games. This it what it will Officially be used for. But It will be ok if someone else finds another use for it...

I don't know why companies give you the Micro USB cord but no Adapter. Thats dumb. Make it come with an AC, it's not hard and won't drive up costs!

Here's the fun part! I would love to hear your takes on my list and would love to hear what you would want to add or change. This is my personal list, so don't be offended if your game isn't listed. I really want to hear your feedback though, so please comment away!

Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Sega Rally Championship
Daytona CCE
Fighters MegaMix
Virtua Fighter 2
NIghts (With Christmas Nights)
Clockwork Night
Shinobi Legions
Burning Rangers
Dragon Force
Guardian Heroes
Albert Odyssey
World Series Baseball
Sonic Jam
Virtual ON
Legend of Oasis

Well, That's about all it would take. The US, EUR, and JPN Markets would have a few different games naturally. Here are some proposed changes:

Change World Series Baseball to Deep Fear
Change Legend of Oasis to Keio Flying Squadron 2
Change Bug to Parodius

Change Virtua Fighter 2 with Fighting Vipers (Japan Version with Pepsiman)
Change World Series Baseball With Pocket Fighter
Change Legend of Oasis to Magic Knight Rayearth

What to you all think, Can a Sega Saturn Classic work like this, or do you have better ideas?


Sunday 13 January 2019

Linkle Liver Story Translation - How To Download And Emulate

Watch Nuno's new video telling you how you can emulate or download the latest fan translation for the Saturn, as a classic action JRPG becomes avilable for Western audiences for the first time!