Saturday, 29 January 2022

Deep Fear - Resident Garbage

So everyone is getting tired of all the copycat games that ripoff the popular titles of our era. Once a certain game comes out that revolutionizes or popularizes a certain genre or gameplay style, you see twenty or thirty clones of the like. We saw it with Minecraft, we saw it with PUBG, we saw it with Doom, Mortal Kombat, there's a lot of copy cats out there, waiting for the next cash cow to come along. Resident Evil was no exception. As soon as survival horror with tank controls and puzzle solving became the new trend, the consoles and PC were flooded with very similar titles. 

Deep Fear was one of the less successful attempts to cash in on this franchise. Silent Hill, this ain't. It pretty much takes everything not scary about Resident Evil, avoids the survival element of it and adds a dash of annoyance that would be very heartbreaking, if it wasn't so funny! I'm not kidding, this is hilarious! It's like they just didn't know what to actually do with the franchise. They thought that if they put you in a sealab at the bottom of the ocean, add in these... creature things to walk at you slowly, then horror would ensue. Spoiler alert!!!!!! It doesn't.

The graphics are pretty bad, but not horrible. It's the Saturn and the graphics are hardly important (in most cases). No, the English voice acting, now there's where it came close to Resident Evil. This voice acting is legendary in its awfulness. The real problem with it is that it gets grating to the ears. It gets downright painful with how terrible these voices are and how the actors just aren't trying. The dialogue does not help this matter. 

And they took the survival out along with the horror. If you run low on ammo or healing items, just refill them! No, I'm not kidding, they literally could not be asked to distribute these items evenly throughout the game. You just go to certain places and there's full ammunition and health in a juice box with drinking straw. Drink until full. You can't get much lamer than this. 

The story is lackluster and lacks involvement. The characters are scathingly awful and the gameplay is just downright boring. After a while, the hilarity of the game's presentation does not carry it as it still pads itself out until you are ready to go take up quilting as a more stimulating experience. I really tried to find something I liked about this, unironically. Not even the Saturn charm of its graphics are a point in its favor. The setting is just so mundane and repetitive, the graphics have no chance of standing out. So, even if you wanted to play this in front of friends to make fun of it, it loses its edge. Try something better or worse and you'll have a much better time. Virtua Bland...