Wednesday 1 October 2008

In Praise Of Jonti Davies...

Those of the eagle eyed persuasion may have noticed a small comment at the bottom of my "Daddy's Home" post, which simply stated "Glad you enjoyed the article. :-) Jonti"...

There were no contact details on the Blogger ID, so I replied to the commentor... "Jonti! Are you indeed the journo who was kind enough to bestow on us all this prestigious article?If so, please contact me at"

Well, I'm thrilled to say that it was indeed dear Jonti and he contacted me last night with the following comment...

"Yep...and I also did the Burning Rangers interview that ran in gamesTM earlier this year. Oh, and I'm currently putting together a two-part 'Making of...' series of interviews looking at the three Panzer Dragoon Saturn games for Retro Gamer.

Yet more shameless plugs: if you like Sega stuff in general (and not just Saturn wonders), I recently interviewed Yu Suzuki for an Outrun cover piece (Retro Gamer 53); spoke to Yuji Naka for a Prope feature (gamesTM 70); and interviewed the guy who came up with Samba De Amigo for another 'Making of...' (Retro Gamer 56, out next week).

Like Homer S., I "live to give." ;-)

Very nice site you've got there...Jonti"

I can confirm that the email came from Otsu-shi, Japan and that a very gifted journalist from the most excellent Games TM, who has rubbed shoulders with the giants of gaming, does indeed check out and dig our humble little site! How cool is that?

So thanks again to Jonti for providing the most excellent article that we all so much enjoyed. Hopefully now the appropriate credit is now given, where it is most definitely due! Respect! :)

So there you go! Be sure to seek out and find his other articles and I will let you all know if we hear from him again!!


elend said...

Oh very cool! I can't wait to read that Panzer Dragoon coverage. I'd even buy the Games TM for that. heh, now I feel a tad bad, for not buying the one with the Segata Sanshiro Interview.

We do have a german Games TM as well over here, but I dunno about the similarities of the content. Hm.

NebachadnezzaR said...

The Saturn Junkyard scores once again! :)

Thanks Jonti for your awesome work and thanks Father for bringing that to our attention

gnome said...

OMG! We got a famous people infestation. Quick! Grab that spray Father!

Oh, and Jonti, can't wait reading your latest Retro Gamer stuff.

Cheers everyone! Congrats Father! Kisses Junkyard!

Unknown said...

Pretty freakin' cool, Father.

You guys keep up the good work here!

fatherkrishna said...

I'm pleased to say Jonti has been back in touch and I can confirm that there will be an interview before 2008 is over... We're lucky chaps here aren't we?