Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just in time for the Star Trek Movie: The "Fazor" Lightgun For The Sega Saturn

So I was looking around the garage sales in my area with very little luck. It turns out the the garage salers around here are serious. People get up at like 5AM and video game stuff goes the quickest. On 4 separate occasions I have been told that there was a ton of video games there but someone had come and boughten it all up before 7 AM. (There is an almost gleeful tone to this statment that tends to imply that I am not a serious garage saler since I wasn't here at 6:45 AM. Those Wankers!) In this cuthroat world of North Eastern NY state I fear even my well respected skills might be hard pressed to get results...

...However, I am (according to Gagaman(n)) a "Jammy Git" (Did I get that right?) or one Lucky Son of a Gun. (Or Sly Bastard Good-for-nothing according to the urban dictionary site. Which honestly does descibe certain aspects of my personality as well.)

I did manage to grab a decent model 2 Saturn console from a seller for $7 (To be used in the retro video game events I hold at the library by people who want to play some Guardian Heroes.)

And I found the following item for .50 cents in the back of a garage.

Still in box!

The "Fazor" lightgun by Madcatz.

It's an amazing light cut down lightgun that can be used in both the Playstation and the Saturn.

The light design is nice but I am used to the extremely heavy but accurate Sega Stunner and the even heavier Noby lightguns (Including the Virtual Gun which is quite nice). However, I would assume this gun would be great for people whose wrists get tired from heavier models. It has a very nice "clicky" trigger. Of course that might be because the gun I got was still in box and still somewhat new.

Here is a review. It's just about the same conclusion I reached. The gun is very light and nice but the aiming takes some getting used to.

Certainly this gun might be a big draw for fans of Star Trek. But it might not be for you.

But hell, for .50 cents I was more than willing to add this to my collection.

The Saturn is the only logical Choice.


The Golden Cat said...

You don't really get Yard Sales in Britain. I suppose the closest thing would be a Car Boot Sale. But seeing as I'm not nocturnal and therefore not overly inclined to get out of bed while its still dark, I'm kinda precluded from attending.

fatherkrishna said...

Ha ha! trust you to come up with a bargain like this! You are a jammy git indeed! That has got to be the coolest light gun EVER!

I got a Dreamcast in a box from a car boot sale once. It was trashed though... DOH!

The Plushiest said...

I still my favorite classic gun for home console was the namco gun.

Barry the Nomad said...

Sweet find! Shame it's not like the fazer in the new movies, with the swiveling barrel for stun/kill modes.

Caleb said...

"That has got to be the coolest light gun EVER!" The Noby Virtua Gun is actually pretty high up there.