Tuesday 27 April 2010

'Panzer Dragoon Saga' Sequel = Necessary

We haven't had a post in a while and I'm short on time! Thankfully, Game Trailers did the work for me and listed 'Panzer Dragoon Saga' in their "Top 10 Necessary Sequels" list. Watch, enjoy and weep:


elend said...

Awww, buggers. I still have to play Panzer Dragoon Saga. But I am not playing games at all at the moment. Heh.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Overall great list, and the fact that the top places belong to SEGA really says a lot about the company's politics. This world definitely needs less Mario and Zelda, and more Shenmue and Panzer Dragoon.

RedTail said...

I'm not a big fan of RPGs, and interestingly enough, PD's director, Yukio Futatsugi, doesn't seem to be either. He's stated before that if he ever had a chance to remake Azel/Saga, he'd do it as an on-rails shooter in the vein of the first two games.

Suits me just fine as I very much love PD, PDZ, and shooters in general.

RedTail said...

At the very least, he does seem to prefer shooters over RPGs. Here's a snippet from 1UP's interview with him:

1UP: If you have any final words for the readers, now is the perfect time to share them. If you could do anything in the world in regards to the Panzer series, what would you do, would you make a new game?

YF: I want to make a shooting version of Azel [Panzer Dragoon Saga]. I want to create the third project as a shooting game and end it there.