Wednesday 12 May 2010

SEGA Saturn surprise launch announcement anniversary

by George of SEGAbits

Oh, SEGA,  just to one-up Sony you guys decided to launch your console early. 15 years ago today, SEGA CEO Tom Kalinske stood in front of the press and announced that the SEGA Saturn would launch early do to “high consumer demand”. The announcement was made at the first ever E3.
“Many Americans have gone to the extent of paying $ 800 and more for Sega Saturn units from Japan,” Kalinske explained. “We’ve decided to bring the product to market earlier than scheduled to meet the high consumer demand, to refine our marketing strategy over the summer, prior to the important fall season, and to get a headstart on the competition.”
The SEGA Saturn launched at the price of $399.99 for the stand alone version and $499.99 with Virtua Fighter (also came with a disc that showed other titles).

Click here to read SEGA’s press release from 1995. It is like going back in time.

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elend said...

OH my, this is wonderful... and sad... I'll turn the lights down, put on some candles, play some Daytona USA music and read it now.