Thursday, 28 September 2017

"Don't call it a comeback..." The Saturn Junkyard rises from the grave...

So here I am, back at the old SJY, thanks to my dear friend and Jiminy Cricket like blogging conscience, Jon Lee.

 It's been a while and I'm thrilled to be back. Huge thanks also go to my to my fellow Yard operative ArugulaZ, who has kept the Yard alive over the eight years or so, since I last penned an epistle in these parts... ( in fact, by now he should be the owner of the place...)

The good news is, my Saturn is now back in my bedroom , linked up to my flat screen via a scart. (it once was lost, but now it's found...) My Saturn collection  has also made the journey down from the loft, and my Japanese Saturn is even ready for a test drive.

Over the last few weeks, I've been playing the Saturn almost exclusively. My current games of choice are Pebble Beach Golf Links, Sega World Wide Soccer '97, Sega Rally, Rayman, Pandemonium, Street Fighter Alpha 2, X Men Children Of The Atom, Daytona USA, Fighter's Megamix and Marvel Super Heroes.

I've got so many more to investigate including my latest purchase, World Series Baseball '97, which I bought today!

So I'll sign off for now, but be aware that the Saturn Junkyard is back in business.

Big love from Father K!


Blondejon said...

I am proud to be partly responsible for your renaisence moment. Welcome back to the world of the the most unappreciated console of its generation

Father Krishna said...

Thanks love. X

ArugulaZ said...

I was wondering where the hell you went! But anyway... it seems like Neb contributed a lot more posts than I had, albeit a couple years earlier. Whatever... nobody's keeping score anyway. Looking forward to more posts from the man who started it all.

fatherkrishna said...

Its a long story my friend, suffice to say, the Saturn is primed and ready to roll after some time in cold storage, and the games are ready to be viewed with a fresh perspective. There'll be more focused content from myself, with less of an attempt at humour, and more of a personal perspective on Saturn games and how they (honestly) play in 2017...

I do believe there are Saturn titles which could genuinely impress today, in terms of beautiful graphics (for example Rayman, Super Puzzle Fighter, Pebble Beach Golf Links) and gameplay... (Sega Rally, NiGHTs, Sega Worldwide Soccer '97).

I'm hugely grateful to you for keeping the fires burning and the lights on whilst I was away from home. It's definitely your site as much as mine, and I hope you don't mind me arriving in the middle of the night and starting to rearrange the furniture!