Saturday 20 October 2018

The Sega Saturn is the Best Neo Geo Emulator out there!

With the release of the Neo Geo Mini system, I am reminded of what a developer once said to me during an E3 conference some time ago. I remember that SNK did have a presence at that show and they were debuting SNK vs Capcom Chaos for the AES/MVS. Upon looking at this title, I, along with a few other show goers were amazed that this title was coming out on what was essentially dead hardware, but it looked so amazing. This led to a discussion about this title being ported to the Sega Saturn someday, and we all agreed that it needed to happen.

Neo Geo Screenshot on Left ... Sega Saturn on the Right:

We were convinced that there was no other system out there that could do Neo Geo Ports any justice. We compared them to past Playstation releases and our unanimous agreement that no other system could make perfect Neo Geo Ports. This got the attention of another show goer who interjected about PC emulation, and yes while PC emulation would probably be a good way to experience Neo Geo Games that wouldn't come stateside, emulation at the time was new and relatively unknown to most gamers. In face most gamers never played Neo Geo at home unless they owned one of the inferior ports. Also at the time Neo Geo emulators weren't up to snuff.

The discussion got the attention of a developer who happened to be walking by the SNK booth. He inquired about our emulator talk and was convinced that emulation was not the ideal way to play anything. I will never forget what happened next, as the show goer who first brought up emulation asked this developer, and I quote "Is there a perfect Neo Geo Emulator out there?" to which he replied "Yes, it's called The Sega Saturn!" This developer was not present for the first half of the conversation and said that without hesitation. I laughed so hard upon hearing this, as did a few other show attendees within an earshot.

Again... unless you know you can't tell the difference!  Neo Geo Left... Saturn Right!

So, just remember, if someone asks you what the best Neo Geo Emulator is, just tell them "It's Called The Sega Saturn".

A fun little story that popped back into my head recently.

--Collector Chris

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