Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Saturn Makes A Comeback In 2008

Yes! It's official! The Saturn is risen again!!! Those funny, funny guys over at the wonderful UK Resistance are constantly posting Sega related photos of the obscurest kind, such as Sonic tea towels NiGHTs oven gloves or Virtua Cop incontinence pants.

The site is always worth a visit, but at the moment I urge you to go there forthwith! For there on their hallowed pages are pictures of a Sega Saturn featuring in a 2008 promotion for sickly, citric, soft drink Fanta! Now either there is a Saturn loving artist working for Fanta, or more excitingly, Sega have teamed up with Fanta and are releasing a brand new console which will dominate the current gen console war!

I'll let you decide which is more likely... Oh and while you're there, scroll down the page and see a picture or two sent in by your very own Father K! Happy days!


elend said...

Haha yeah, I saw that one. That's really great and the thought of a re-released Saturn just makes me horny. Maybe Tectoy is going for it some day.. :D

NebachadnezzaR said...

We have similar Fanta bottles over here, but they just have the weird looking kids on them, no Saturn... Damn... :(

Anyway, that's a freaking awesome find! :D

fatherkrishna said...

Why thank you my dear brothers! I'm literally shopping for one of these cans tomorrow which will remain unopened 'till the Saturn rises again.

Until then, what do you think of my cack registered on UKR??

NebachadnezzaR said...

What do we think? What could we think? It's awesome! FK leaving his mark on other Sega-related websites, Sonic would be proud :D

Caleb said...


(not as sickly sweet as Fantas though)

Animated AF said...

Haha, the Sega Europe Flikr response is priceless. Shows they have a great sense of humor and keep a good eye on fan sites =)