Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sega Saturn Prototype

Whilst checking some cardboard boxes under my bed, I was quite surprised to find some magazines there, which I totally forgot about. Not only did I find my "Multimedia Joker" magazines, which I missed for years by now, but also an Issue of german "Playtime" magazine, which greeted me with a glaring image of something remotely looking like a Sega Saturn. Whereas I did know this image of a prototype already, I was quite happy to see the picture inside, which I never saw before. The prototype looks strikingly real and a bit like the screenshot was taken straight from a VHS tape (notice the weird "lines" at the bottom of the image). I have also to admit, that it does look a tad cool actually? Unlike the many other prototypes which range from gruesome to downright hilarious.

Here's the picture from the cover, which looks like if it was colored by the guys from the magazine. Imho this is really ugly and not compareable to the picture found inside the mag, which looks much more slick.

Oh and on a sidenote: It must be a sign of god, that the only issue of "Playtime" I ever bought, features the very first picture and coverage of the Sega Saturn. Long time before I actually knew what a Sega Saturn is.


NebachadnezzaR said...

I don't know what the hell those guys were thinking when they made the cover... But the picture inside is pretty cool actually, probably the best Saturn prototype I've ever seen (although the final product, as in most cases, is way better).

And that's some cosmic coincidence there! Segata was probably watching over you :D

fatherkrishna said...

God elend! You manage to find the coolest and most obscure stuff!!!

Another outstanding post!!!