Tuesday 16 December 2008

Happy Second Birthday SJY!!!

Thanks to two computers packing up in my house recently (my laptop power lead snapped where you plug it in and my PC has just given up and died) I've been unable to do much in the blogosphere of late... Having finally wrestled my son's laptop off him for about half an hour and so much has happened since I last checked in.

The first, is the most welcome addition to the family of newest contributor Martin (see below.)

The second is that I've missed the announcement of the second birthday of the Saturn Junkyard! DOH! So even if it is a few days late, may I take the opportunity to thank all our contributors, commentors and readers for helping to keep the memory of one of the finest consoles of all time well and truly alive.

Things may not have been a tad slow round here for a while due to the reasons mentioned below by Nebacha, but rest assured that there will be plenty of Saturn love posted here before our third birthday in December 2009!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!

I thought you died. Father!!

elend said...

Woo yay!? It feels like it was yesterday, when I made that "Rejoice" artwork for the Saturn Junkyard (look to the right). It has been a very nice time here and I am looking forward to post more regulary. As soon as I have something post worthy, that is.

I once bought that Segata Sashiro VHS tape with all his commercials and sent it to a mate, who wanted to rip it to DVD for me. Gotta ask him, when it is done. I'll post more soon.

NebachadnezzaR said...


Sorry for not dropping a comment sooner, but I've been sick for the last few days (it's my throat, always very sensitive to cold weather).

Looks like it was just a while ago that I first introduced myself to the yard and wrote that Steep Slope Sliders review... My first "real" review in English, actually.

Now look at it, Father K, see how your little project has grown and what it has become :)