Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fighting Force prototype

I finally had the time to try out the Fighting Force (Judgement Force/Streets of Rage 3D/Metal Fist/Whatever...) prototype and, oh boy, am I glad that we could finally put our hands on this beauty. The first thing I noticed was that, for an early version, this game both plays and looks very good. It has good graphics and, more importantly, the framerate is both fast and constant, so no slowdowns or slow gameplay. Speaking about gameplay, the game offers more options than your average brawler. Besides kicking, punching and jumping, you can also do a special, rotating attack; punch behind you (useful when surrounded) or charge against your enemies. There are also some weapons, but I couldn't get firearms to work, only clubs and the like.

Other than that, I can't really comment on the similarities and differences between this and the final PSX version because I haven't played that game in a long time, but a lot of the stages seem familiar to me, like primitive versions of what ended up in the final version. It was definitely a shame that this one got cancelled, it would be a blast for any Die Hard Arcade fans since they both play very similar, but at least now we can have a taste of what that would be like.


Anonymous said...

I think it looks better than the PSX version due to having cleaner textures. In spite of rendering in quadrilaterals (instead of triangles which are usually easier to work with) and not having built in transparency effects, the Saturn looked better a lot of the time.

It's a shame that it wasn't the dominant piece of hardware. Then more people might have experienced the 32-bit generation with better controllers, better graphics, and better sound. XD

Random J said...

This game was awful and I think the PS version looked MUCH better than the Saturn version. It was so over hyped leading up to it's release too. I even got a bit excited that scrolling beat 'em ups were making a return. This game killed that excitement with the upmost quickness.

fatherkrishna said...

As a huge fan of Die Hard Arcade I will love this when I eventually get round to a.) Chipping my Saturn b.) Understanding computers enough to actually know how to burn the disc... LOL! I think it looks graphically rather splendid too!