Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mancunian Delights

Two days ago a lovely package arrived from old merry England. The always giving Father K had bestowed upon me riches from mother country. As the gifts were Saturn related, I can share them here with all of you (I'm not gloating, just taking advantage of the opportunity to make another post... okay, I'm gloating a little...).

FK told me to not get too excited, but how could I not?! If you're going to give me an issue of the UK Saturn Magazine that excites me, it's going to be one featuring Sonic. The demo disc was even included!

The issue included an awesome Fighters Megamix article. As the AM2 classic is currently my game of choice, this article was a great read.

Christmas NiGHTS also received an awesome preview. I miss the days when gaming magazines did a two page lead-in spread to articles, highlighting artwork from the game. Nowadays it's all words, subscription cards and silly HD graphics.

Also included was the Virtua Fighter comic book, a comic which coincidentally I've been considering picking up on ebay. Here the lovely Sarah poses next to a can of Mancurian ale. Beer and women, the two best things on Earth. The Sega Saturn is the third.
Many thanks FK!



Caleb said...

Shit it's LEGAL to send alcohol in the mail to and from the UK?

I thought that was a huge no-no?

Barry the Nomad said...

Amazingly, FK was able to slip the can between the pages of the magazine. Completely flat! It's the black magic I tell you!!!

(naw, I bought that myself at a place near me, it just so happened that I had it when the package came)

fatherkrishna said...

Ah! So glad it arrived! Hope you enjoy the read! When I first obtained the mag,I was going to copy the letters out as Saturn Junkyard posts - "voices from the past"- (sort of). They really are quite amusing, with people agonising about whether to stick with the Saturn or buy a Playstation...

Anyway glad you liked it!

Unfortunately, Boddingtons have shut their Manchester brewery, so I'm afraid it is no longer a "Manchester Beer" (it used to be called "the Cream Of Manchester".)

For genuine Manchester beer, you'd have to sample beer from the Hyde Brewery, and I'm slightly ashamed to say it tastes like sh*t! LOL!

fatherkrishna said...

Oh and btw, I hope you don't mind Barry but it's "Mancunian", not "Mancurian", so I tinkered with the post title.

Oh and btw (2) Do any of our dear contributors know how to set up the word verification thing they have over at the Dreamcast Junkyard?
We're getting spammed to death!

Barry the Nomad said...

Ah! haha, thanks for the change FK! I had heard both terms in the past, yet always assumed that Mancunian was "Manc Union" as in a workers union of people from Manchester. lol

RedTail said...


Big Phils fan here in Central PA! I share the sentiment, heh.

Greg said...

Old Sega magazines rock!