Thursday 20 May 2010

Alpha Protocol Has a Saturn!

Obsidian's Alpha Protocol may only be published by SEGA, but don't tell special agent Michael Thorton that! It seems the game's star has an entertainment setup not too different from our own. HDTV (check), a line of games (check) and... a SEGA Saturn?! Who knows, maybe players can head on down to the local convenience mart and enter a raffle for some games.

SJY exclusive: the same image enlarged and altered to better see the sweet system.

SJY second exclusive: could this be the same model, a white Japanese model 1?

[Source: UK:R]


Eyz said...

Woah! That's pretty neat!
Some well deserved Saturn in modern Sega games^^

St. McDuck said...

I'm no longer on the fence about Alpha "generic title" Protocol.
This is pre-order worthy now.

elend said...

Wow awesome! It actually reminds me A LOT about that Shen Mue scene one post earlier. Wonderful.

BulkSlash said...

Does anyone else think it looks like the top is from a Saturn but the front is from a Dreamcast?

Retro Junkyard said...

It's awesome that programmers slip things like that in!