Monday, 2 October 2017

Segata Sanshiro: The Podcast!

Play the Saturn or I'll kick your arse...

Anyone who takes the time to peruse this site, will see lots of archive material about a certain 'Elvis-haired' Judo Master, who beats people up if they're not playing the Sega Saturn enough. Now, as a lifelong pacifist, I don't ever condone any violence by one human being, towards another. Apart from that levelled by Segata Sanshiro at those non-Saturn playing fools out there!

So it gladdened my heart, when I discovered three fine young men from the United States, taking the time to not only promote the Sega Saturn through insightful and knowledgeable discussion. But hey, why don't I let them introduce themselves, and when you've read the introduction and want to listen to the Podcast, just click on the link here:

Aloha Junkies
I'm Ke (pronounced "K" like the letter), and an admin/mod at a couple of different/other Saturn based facebook groups.
Patrick Traynor, David Lee, and I are the hosts of SEGA SATURN, SHIRO, a podcast dedicated to all things Sega Saturn. We're still getting used to the whole podcast thing, but if you want to take a gamble, we finished our second show last week. You can listen to it here;
For the most part, you'll find us either in Sega Saturn Collectors of America, Sega Saturn Trade, Sell, and Collect, or Galaxy Sega.