Monday 3 August 2009

Good Place for Saturn Backups

I'll keep this short and sweet. In lieu of one of the recent posts at SJY, I decided to share a forum that provides access to a lot of Sega Saturn games. If you know how to burn backups, and have a Saturn that can play backups, or know how to do the "swap trick", this is a pretty great resource.

Some of you may already know/use this forum.

The link is:


NebachadnezzaR said...

Have you talked with Father before posting this? I'm pretty sure he won't mind, but personally I always try to be careful when messing with controversial subjects...

Anyway, don't want you to say I don't contribute to the cause :) so, about the subject matter, the best place for Saturn isos, hands down, is Underground Gamer, but it's a private club, so if you don't know about it already chances are you can't get in. Don't worry, you'll probably find what you're after in one of these links:

Caleb said...

I hope nobody decides to shut down this blog because of this.

I dunno if Blogger's terms of use would support that or not.

But this is for BACKUPS only so everyone who is downloading these already has the original copy.

Caleb said...

Backups are legal.

Caleb said...

Selling backups is illegal.

Caleb said...

Well maybe selling backups might be a grey area but generally that is the sort of thing that people will report and it does go against blogger's terms of service.

マーティン said...

Selling backups is not actually illegal if the buyer owns the original copies of the game, but anyway...

I didn't mean to piss anyone off and FK SAID IT WAS OK!

I edited my post, so let's just leave it at that, shall we?

I won't be letting anyone know about anything else I put on eBay or sell elsewhere so there we go.

My grant (for my Ph.D) is running out so I am selling off the things I love. It's hard for me and I wanted it to go to some dedicated gamers. I'll just be putting it on eBay and won't disturb you again until I finish my Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

I know of an ftp that has all of the saturn jap games! And I know of the other address to the same guy for all the scene releases and more of the dreamcast.

Just press "start" button, then accessories, then "Run" then type for saturn. Youll be amazed.

Then for Dreamcast press "Start" "Accessories" then "Run" then type 2

Tell Everyone!!!