Wednesday 19 August 2009

Starry NiGHTS

"A wistful post-impressionist masterpiece if there ever was one, this painting demonstrates a masterful use of color to set a mood. The inclusion of a figure inside the largest star has stirred great debate amongst critics and collectors. Does it represent God, or is it just an anthropomorphic purple... thing? We may never know. We can say with no doubt, however, that this work is meant to stir in us feelings of childhood innocence and longing for a time when simpler things were enough to appease us.

With each passing year, everything -- technology, literature, art -- becomes increasingly advanced. While some greet this inevitable march towards an undefined, unknown end with open arms, others ache for simpler times, where just running around collecting everyday items like screws and old coins with nary a care in the world was enough. Viewing this painting makes us feel like that time is still here." Justin Massoud

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elend said...

Haha man. I really like that Last Supper picture with the R-Type boss. It's just... so... weird. xDDD Which reminds me, that I should do more Sega Saturn art and / or ask fellow graphicians, if they want to contribute something as well. Then, when I have around 100 pieces of art, I could do an exhibition. Now that'd be ace.