Wednesday 1 November 2017

Father Krishna's Saturn Game Collection (Part 1 A-M)

Whilst the Saturn Junkyard is a growing concern, and by no means a solo effort,  I thought I would make a very personal post in this new month of November, listing the Saturn software collection I have here in my house as catalogued at the tail end of 2017.  As well as the games that I own, I'm going to share the 'gaming experiences' that I have access to, thanks to the Pseudo-Saturn Mod, facilitated for me very recently by a high profile member of the Saturn Junkyard Facebook Group 😉 . I'm going to list my unofficial copies separately, at the end of part 2 of the article however, as I don't want anyone thinking I have the unlimited financial resources necessary to obtain the official copies of these games, which change hands at outrageous and ridiculously inflated prices!

In order to make this more than a simple list, I'm going to put a reference picture of the box cover for the version I own, whether PAL European, NSTC Japanese or NSTC US. I'm also going to attach a link to each of the game titles, which will take you to a random piece of information about the game. It could be a Wikipedia page, a game related video, a review of the game, concept art or a different website, which will hopefully expand your awareness of any games that take your interest!

I'm very happy to say that my Saturn collection is much larger than I had previously realised, but as a consequence, it's taken me ages to write this post! So for now I'm just going to share my A-M titles... The rest will be along very soon!


Actua Golf (PAL)

Alien Trilogy (PAL)

All Star Hockey 98 (PAL)

Area 51 (US NSTC ) -Disc currently missing!

Athlete Kings (PAL)

Blam Machine Head (PAL)

Break Point Tennis (PAL)

Burning Rangers (JAP)

Casper (PAL)

Clockwork Knight (PAL)

Christmas NiGHTs (JAP)

Command and Conquer (PAL)

Darklight Conflict (PAL)

Daytona - Championship Circuit Edition (PAL)

Dead Or Alive (JAP)

Digital Dance Mix (vol 1) - Naime Amuro (JAP)

DJ Wars (JAP)

Exhumed (PAL)

Fighter's Megamix (PAL)

Fighting Vipers (PAL)

Formula Karts Special Edition-

G -

Hang On GP 86 (PAL)

Hardcore 4X4 (PAL)

Hi-Octane (PAL)

Horde, The (PAL)

House Of The Dead, The (PAL)

Incredible Hulk - The  Parthenon Saga (PAL)

Independence Day ( PAL) - Box currently missing

International Victory Goal (PAL)

J -

K -

Last Bronx (PAL)

Last Bronx (JAP)

Loaded (PAL)

Mansion of Hidden Souls (PAL)

Marvel-Superheroes (JAP)

Manx TT Superbike (PAL)


Blondejon said...

A good and varied selection there. Are most of the PAL copies subject to your under £2.50 rule?

Daniel Turner said...

still so many i need to try!

Father Krishna said...

They were mostly bought at during the golden daus of Blockbuster...

Father Krishna said...

Burn baby burn!