Tuesday 7 November 2017

Father Krishna's Saturn Collection (part 2) N-Z

So here it is... part 2 of my Sega Saturn collection. It's taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to complete, which I suppose is a good thing... it means that my collection is bigger than I first gave it credit for. It's also immediately out of date, as two of the titles are now on their way to someone else in our community, and there has been an addition into the library in the shape of "Biohazard", the easier Japanese version of Resident Evil... As already previously stated, the copies are listed separately. Although they are providing the vast majority of my Saturn gaming experiences at the moment, I don't consider them part of my official Saturn collection. I've decided to amend and update this article as when I feel like, putting little captions or paragraphs under some of the games I've particularly enjoyed or hated! Until then, don't forget there is link on each of the titles which will take you to another site related to the game... there's a lot of video or other information about each game, so take your time going through the article and click away at those links! 

Nascar 98 (PAL)

NBA Action 98 (PAL)

NBA Live 97 (PAL)

Nights Into Dreams (JAP)

O -

Panzer Dragoon (PAL)

Panzer Dragoon Zwei (JAP)

Q -

Resident Evil (PAL)

Savaki (JAP)

Scorcher (PAL)

Sega Rally (PAL) Three copies!

Segata Sanshirou Shinkuyugi (JAP)

Sega Touring Car (PAL)

Sega World Wide Soccer 97 (PAL)

Sega World Wide Soccer 98 (PAL)

Space Jam (PAL)

Soviet Strike (PAL)

Steep Slope Sliders (PAL)

Street Fighter Alpha Warrior's Dreams (PAL)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PAL)

Street Fighter Real Battle On Film (JAP)


Street Racer (PAL)

Super Puzzle Battle Turbo II (PAL)

Titan Wars (PAL)

Tomb Raider (PAL)

Tunnel B1 (PAL)

U -

Vampire Savior: Lord Of Vampire (JAP)

Virtua Cop (PAL) (disc currently missing!)

Virtua Cop 2 (PAL)

Virtua Fighter (PAL)

Virtua Fighter 2 (PAL) Two copies!

Virtua Fighter Kids (JAP)

Virtua Fighter Remix (JAP)

Virtua Racing (PAL)

Virtual Hydlide (PAL)

Warcraft II (PAL)

Winter Heat (PAL)

Wipeout 2097(PAL)

World Cup Golf (PAL)

World Series Baseball 98 (PAL)

X Men Children Of The Atom (PAL)

X Men Vs. Streetfighter  (JAP)

Y -

Z -

Burned Games -

Darius Gaiden
Deep Fear
Dungeons and Dragons Tower Of Doom
Final Fight Revenge
Fighting Vipers (PAL/JAP)
Game Tengoku The Game Paradise
Gokojou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack
Gradius Deluxe Pack
Jikku Oysaberi Parodius The Real Condition
King Of Fighters 96
King Of Fighters 97
Mystaria Realms Of Lore
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Radiant Silvergun
Salamander Deluxe Plus Pack
Sexy Parodius
Sol Divide
Tempest 2000
Wolf Fang
X Men Vs. Streetfighter

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Blondejon said...

i felt like id sent you more that that, then i realised two of those games take up 7 discs between them! Good selection though and well rounded :)