Friday 23 March 2007

Saturn Junkyard Gets A Facelift!

You may have noticed that the Saturn Junkyard is looking a bit sexier! That's because my good friends Gnome and Elderly have been tinkering with it's html behind the scenes. Thus the place has not one, but two, beautiful title banners at the top, plus the site logo!

I'm as happy as a pig in shit! Now, as well as doing the 'Yard a wonderful makeover, we've also got a new contributor in the mighty Gnome!!! I'm not even sure he meant that to happen, but now we've got him were keeping him!! Mwuahahaha!!!!!

I would like to publicly thank my good friends Gnome and Elderly for their love, help, support and inspiration. If it wasn't for them and Tomleecee, there would be no Saturn Junkyard. Check out their wonderful sites by clicking on their esteemed names.

Hopefully there will be some games reviews coming up within the next month, as I've got a couple of weeks off... so keep checking out the blog!!

Big love to y'all!!!


gnome said...

Big love to you too dear dear Father! Be sure the face lift will go on... As for contributing, well, right, uhm... Might find something really... cheers!

PS Thanks for the plug. Again.

Random J said...

Face-lift? *looks around* So what is it that's new? *starts laughing cheekily*

Just messing wit' ya!!

Unknown said...

thank you beautiful big balooba... im going to cry now i just know it....

(leave room momentarily....)

Anonymous said...

Looks good. Very nice indeed.

fatherkrishna said...

Gnome! Elderly! Massive respect at all times! I love you... In a manly camraderie type back slapping way... LOL! ;)

J! You cheeky young scamp! How's the remix coming on?

Pierre! Get in touch ASAP!!!