Tuesday 7 October 2008

The Sega Saturn’s Explosive Shmups Library Posted at Racketboy

Go read this list!

An excellent rundown of Saturn Shumps.

Included (of course) is the excellent Galactic Attack / Layer Selection / Rayforce / Gunlock (different names same game). I reviewed this excellent looking game and it's one of the easier to find shumps that generally doesn't cost that much. If you want to start building a shumps collection try starting with this Taito classic.

In other news after 4 months of waiting I have gotten my 4-1 memory card which will allow me to play Saturn games that require extra memory. Look forward to some new reviews soon.


fatherkrishna said...

Thank you dear Caleb for pointing that out! A most impresive list indeed... Although I am rather ashamed to say I don't own a single one of them...

elend said...

Wow Father. You gotta buy the majority of those games, since they are all great. Sometimes I am a bit surprised at how much Shmups the Saturn really had. Yay.

NebachadnezzaR said...

I'm glad to say I have played quite a lot of games from that list! :D

Radiant Silvergun - pretty original
Batsugun - epic weapons
Battel Garegga - meh...
DoDonPachi - awesome!
Strikers 1945 - classic
Gunbird - great fun
Sengoku Blade - made of WIN and GOD

I think I've reviewed most of these games here on the yard when I was in my "shooter frenzy"