Tuesday 12 December 2017

Competition Time! Design a new graphic for the main page...

As a little bonus to celebrate the Saturn Junkyard's 11th Birthday, we thought we might set a competition. It's going to be something different to the weekly challenge on the Facebook page, something that utilises the creative skills of the members!

The brief is simple... To design a graphic or pictorial image for the Saturn Junkyard's 11th Birthday.
This rather lovely graphic (pictured below) was made on our 1st anniversary, way back in 2007. So it's high time we had a new one.

Use modern technology or good old fashioned crafting skills to create a captioned picture that celebrates us as a community!

The closing date for entries will be January the 1st 2018. So you've got around two weeks to knock something up. I reckon that's enough time!

Prize! Every competition needs a prize and we've got three!

First prize: A white 3D Saturn Controller with beautiful coloured buttons, that would enhance both the gameplay and aesthetics of any Saturn console, but particularly a Japanese Saturn...

Second Prize: A copy of Official Saturn Magazine. Thumb through the pages of this 1996 journal devoted to our favourite console and you'll be transported back to the days when the Saturn was king...

Third Prize: A copy of Sega Rally. (Are you beginning to wonder where all this crap is coming from? 😜) So you've already got one? Well come third and you'll have a spare!

Post your entries on the Facebook page and we'll announce the winners in the New Year!

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