Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TitanCast Episode 1.5

In this episode of TitanCast, I sit down with one of the original members of the Junkyard's creative team. We discuss his beginnings with the Saturn, how it fell from favor, the rise and fall of the Junkyard, and his re-entry to The Saturn Junkyard version 2.0.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me reintroduce you to Nuno, the one and only NebachadnezzaR. 

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The Southern Sega Gentleman: Samuel 
NebachadnezzaR: Nuno


Unknown said...

A great podcast. I could listen to you two talk all day!

fatherkrishna said...

A superb re-introduction to the amazing NUNO!

Unknown said...

Just had a listen, Great story Nuno and loving the podcasts Samuel - just subscribed on iTunes ����

The Southern Sega Gentleman said...

Appreciate it gents! Glad me and Nuno could keep your interest.