Tuesday 17 April 2007

All Hail The Mighty Caleb!

You know I've been corresponding with Caleb since the mighty Hunyak was a mere acorn. We've chatted about life the universe and everything over the last six months, building up a good friendship, despite the inconvenience of being separated by a vast trans-atlantic gulf! (him residing in 'the land of the free' and me residing in the 'home of the cack' LOL!)

Today, he confirmed what a diamond geezer I always knew he was, when out of the blue a large padded envelope, stuffed with Dreamcast Homebrew games, plopped through my letterbox!

I can't stop for long to tell you about it 'cos I'm off to play with it all! But for now I'd just like to say "Caleb! You Rock!"


Pierre LaStank said...

Indeed that is a nice surprise. I myself have been hoping to come across someone that could answer all of my inane questions of the details of creating discs for my Dreamcast. Nice.

Caleb said...

I am sorry but this has nothing to do with the saturn.


Just kiddin'.

Anyways some of the disks were from testing trying to get the music in Quake just right and the philips CD-Rs I got for dirt cheap.

So it ain't like I cut off an arm for you or anything.

It was an honor to do such a small thing for a supporter of Sega retro goodness!