Tuesday 26 February 2008

Apparently it is really shit...

Look just below this and you'll see yet another stunning post from star SJY correspondent elend... Apart from the excellent observation that us Saturn addicts, see all things Saturn related, with a certain rosy glow, it also tells us Death Crimson is... well, shit. As a true devotee of the Saturn, I had to check it out! Could it really be that bad?

Well, I just found the following funny (and frankly damning) review of Death Crimson over at the excellent Segagaga Domain website. The photos are nicked from there too, so be sure you visit it to make up for the blatant theft... As ususal the words are in the usual quotation red, to distinguish them from our own musings...

"Title - Death Crimson (デスクリムゾン)
Maker - Ecole Catalogue No. - T-23202G
Type - Gun Shooting Action

You may have seen Death Crimson 2 on the Dreamcast and maybe even Death Crimson OX which is actually not too bad, but have you ever seen Death Crimson 1 on the Saturn? If not then think yourself lucky because this is THE WORST looking Saturn game ever. Not only is it the worst looking game but also sounds and plays like shit. So much in fact that in Japan this game received the title of Kusosoft which basically means Shit Game ! But here is the odd thing. Death Crimson became so famous for being so shit that every copy of the original print sold out !! Ecole actually had to make a second print !

These days Death Crimson is a highly regarded cult game for the Saturn with copies selling for over 10’000 yen. Mine only cost 3800 yen though which I can tell you is very lucky. Anyway, bottom line is that this game is pure shit. It’s way too hard for a start. This is mainly due to poor collision detection, indistinguishable sprites and polygons and shear impossible targets. Now I don’t normally do this for games here at Segagaga Domain but just check out a few of the screen shots. I thought this was a joke release first time I saw it.

As you can tell from the title screen, this game is just poor and that CG monster has bugger all to do with the actual game!"

Oh and BTW if you want to buy a copy of this 'cult' game, it'll set you back £30. You can buy it from Play Asia here...


elend said...

Hehe. Death Crimson is a game every Saturn gamer should check out, imho. Just for the fun of it. I think the best thing about Death Crimson is its cover art, which isn't too shabby, imho.

BTW: Death Crimson fans are called "Crimsoners" nowadays.

ArugulaZ said...

It shouldn't be a surprise that the game sucks when it comes from a company that sounds like an infectious disease. I mean, really, Ecole? What, was STD Entertainment already taken?

Oh yeah, it was.


But back on topic, you can only imagine my utter delight when I heard that Sammy was going to release the sequel to Death Crimson for the American Dreamcast, instead of Guilty Gear X. And to think those bastards actually BOUGHT Sega just a few years later!

gnome said...

Which proves, dear father, and I'd say proves once and for ever that elend is to be trusted. Blindly.

fatherkrishna said...

*FK taps around with white cane...*
Who said that??