Thursday 29 May 2008



Look at that press conference for the new Rambo Arcade Game. Yes, your vision is clear. Yes, that is Segata Sanshiro standing there with a super hot japanese girl. Finally he is back!

Well... almost. It's "just" Hiroshi Fujiioka supporting that super hot japanese girl in presenting the new Rambo Arcade game from Sega. But look at how happy he is. You can clearly see, that it's his destiny to be ambassador in the world for Sega's great games. And with the latest news of Sega re-releasing the Saturn, or actually developing the Saturn II, it can mean only one thing: Segata Sanshiro will be back for good!

We never forgot him! Finally the day has come. You may want to click this link, to actually see even more pictures of him.


Caleb said...

Oh Crap double POST!


You and I must have seen articles about this at the same time!!!

Sorry Elend. Only FK's article about DOA4 was up when I started my post!

elend said...

Haha! No problem! I'd suggest we just let it be, since Segata Sanshiro's awesomeness deserves a double post! :D

Caleb said...

Muahaha...That Mullet is pretty bad ass.

I GOTTA release that skit where I have a fake mullet.

fatherkrishna said...

I've just prolapsed with excitement!

Jeez! Segata is back! Sega know what will get us Euro gamers hot under the Sega collar!!!

NebachadnezzaR said...

This is so amazing that it indeed deserves two posts!