Wednesday 3 September 2008

The Classic Game Room Guy Buys a Sega Saturn.

Classic Game Room!


Caleb said...

I just noticed that he has a model 2 system with a model 1 controller.

I have noticed this a lot actually.

I think it must be because most people like the slim model 2 controllers and also enjoy the ease of swap tricking on the Model 1 system.

So people keep the model 1 system but use the Model 2 controllers.

Then they sell the model 2 system and the model 1 controllers.

elend said...

Haha. Weird. I really prefer the Model 1 system with oval buttons. I just don't like those round buttons. And the first pads, which have been released in europe, are an atrocity. Play with them for more than 10 Minutes and your Thumbs will hurt badly. :Q I prefer the japanese style ones.

NebachadnezzaR said...

I prefer the Model 2 version, maybe because it was the one I had as a kid. The round buttons are nice, they have a good feeling to them when you press them.

As for the pads, never tried a model 1 one (wow, that sounds weird...), but I've heard nice things about them. Are they really that bad, elend? That's a shame, because they surely look nice.

"What says Japanese shooting games like agriculture and harvest?"


elend said...

Well yeah, they ARE that bad. Have a closer look at the D-Pad. Do you see those notches on the D-Pad? I dunno what they thought, when designing them, but they'll definitely make your thumb incredibly hurt.

Caleb said...

I find that the Model 1 controller works fine for most games and is responsive.

However the model 2 controller just kicks all sorts of ass when playing 2D fighting games.