Sunday 7 September 2008

The Japanese Sega Saturn Store Display?

Whilst browsing the internet for random porn and Sega Saturn related stuff I found this quite incredible picture:
To me it's quite incredible, not because that guy is so handsome, but because it shows, what I thought didn't exist! A japanese Sega Saturn store display. There is no confirmation yet, if it really is, what I think. It could also be a fast thrown together display for fair purposes only. The blog entry, where I found the pic, sadly has no information about it at all. Since my first excitement passed by now, I can also admit, that it's not exactly, what I'd call "awesome". It looks a bit basic, a bit grey and a bit small. But it's at least something and takes less space away, than the uber huge european store display.


Unknown said...

They should at least give it a plasma tv...!! -and look at the cords everywhere! no respect at all.

NebachadnezzaR said...

No respect indeed, you can clearly see the telly when it should be hidden behind a massive case of plastic decorated with Sega logos (lol).

Now, seriously, if that's indeed a store display, I've never seen anything like it before.

BTW, is he playing Fighting Vipers?

gnome said...

Another truly impressive discovery dear Elend!

Anonymous said...

i could swear ive seen one of these before somewhere. it brings back vague memories of trying to aquire something but ultimately not being abile to because of the price or shipping. mind you, vague memories dating 5-10 years. and im Anonymous. but i dont htink ive ever even seen a picture of one since.

Anonymous said...

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