Monday 1 September 2008

Sega Saturn Games From Brazil

I recently bought some cool factory sealed Sega Saturn games... brazilian versions. Yes, the Sega Saturn was available in Brazil through Tec Toy, like a gazillion of other Sega consoles as well. Tec Toy is keeping the spirit alive up to this day, with for example recently announcing the Sega Master System 3. Since I am collector of all sort of things with the Sega Saturn logo on it, I had to buy these. Too bad I can't have a look inside those brazilian games, because they are factory sealed and I want them to stay that way. But on the brazilian ebay I saw some pictures from the insides. Inside those cardboard boxes seem to be some weird black plastic CD cases and a manual. Now, if I only could buy more brazilian stuff... a boxed Saturn for example.


Carlos Bragatto said...

I have a spare boxed brazilian Saturn, let me know if you really need one.


NebachadnezzaR said...

You keep building up your collection, I see :) Didn't know the brazilian boxes were like that.

RetroGameJunker said...
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RetroGameJunker said...

Hi Saturn junkyard people!
My name´s Renato Borba and before everything i wish to say that i love all your work and worship to the best Sega´s console.
I was born and live in Brazil, been collecting VG for less than 2 years but was always a big fan of gaming.
Well, as you told, Tec Toy was and somehow is keeping sega spirit here, not like before but it´s allright.
I always dreamed about being useful to SJ before and now i think this dream is about to come true.It was a big coincidence, my Sealed Nights just arived yesterday and i bring to all SS fans a couple pics, enjoy and sorry for my poor english.
The hole package

And my other tectoy game
Now, there are some things that must be said:

The Bad news
-The cardbox as everyone know is quite simple and yet fragile.
-The disc comes in a plastic cd cover without any pic or cover insert.
-The manual can be described as a poor Greatest Hits version,not even the cover is colored.

The Good News:
-Avaliability,you can buy them everywere, the most commom games here nowadays are:
*Nights into Dreams(thanks god)
*Virtua Cop 2
*Sonic R
*Cyber SpeedWay
*Heir of Zendor

That´s all guys
Will put more pics as soon as my VC 2 copy arives, see ya!

elend said...

Wow hey! Nice to meet you. It's nice to see, that my post about some brazilian Sega Saturn games, lured some guys onto the Junkyard and even made them post something.

Thank you really much for the photographs. Now I finally know, how the insides look. Everything seems a bit cheap, yes. But I didn't expect much anyway. It's still very great to buy these games as a collector.

Where exactly do you buy these games? Can I buy them online as well? I'd love to get more brazilian Sega Saturn stuff.

RetroGameJunker said...

Thanks Elend, i´ve been a long-date-fan to the SJ.I bought cyber speedway at a physical store but the nights one online though but few sellers would ship outside Brazil i think.
Yes, they are quite cheap but it´s great when you can buy a 10 years game in perfect condition.
See ya!
If you need some info about tec toy or sega here in brazil please feel free to do it.I´ll be 100% avaliable.

RetroGameJunker said...

OW, and feel free if you like to show all SJ fans my pics, specially the nights one.Maybe some of them do never come to know how it is ''inside''