Sunday 16 December 2007


One thing seems to go hand in hand with retrogaming: Collecting.
No matter if you recently bought back your childhood on ebay or if you have gathered since you were little. When you have a look at retrogamers the chances are high, that they have a vast amount of old games aswell as consoles in their rooms. Some limit themselfes to one console only, but others collect nearly everything from their childhood and what they couldn't afford back then. In some extreme cases the love for the games has turned into some kind of love for collecting. Some people collect more games than they play and some even only collect factory sealed stuff, which they can't - and never would - play anyways!

With prices for Saturn games ranging from approx. 140 USD for a "Final Fight Revenge" and over 200 USD for a "Stellar Assault", many invest quite some time to take good care of their collection. I did so, too, when I accidentally bought the same game twice some years ago. That's why you read this post now. I wanted to support the Saturn cover scans archive (Run by staff, if I am correct) and thus made a list of all my Saturn games available online. You may want to check it out. Maybe for having a quick look at backcover scans of games, you were always interested in or for just plain curiosity.

And why not show us your Saturn collection, too?


fatherkrishna said...

Wow! That's a nice little collection you got there!! Are they all Japanese versions?

Like WOW! Most of my collection are lame PAL versions in those oh so infuriating cases!

Which is why the Saturn DVD case project first came into existence... Now mt collection is ill organised and annoying, there's games all over the place!

I'll make it my mission to regroup and reorganise! Hopefully my current Saturn collection will be a post before 2008...

Animated AF said...

Wait, that's seriously your collection? You own Crows, Final Fight Revenge and Groove on Fight? Where have you been getting all these games and more importantly, the kind of money some of those games often cost? O_O

elend said...

Hehe, please don't ask, what these games cost. I bought Psychic Assassin Taromaru for 180 EUR, for example. That's my most expensive game at the moment. Stellar Assault and Final Fight Revenge were kinda cheap with 99 EUR, Crows was still 79 EUR and Groove On Fight was REALLY cheap with 35 EUR.

@Fatherkrishna: Collecting PAL Games is cool, too! I started buying japanese games only, because I bought a japanese Saturn after my horrible PAL experience and had no modchip! I recommend "Game Collector" btw. It's a great software to archive your games. It's also a lot of work filling out everything, like I did. Publisher, Releasedate, Nr. of Discs, scanning covers, etc. It took a while!

NebachadnezzaR said...

OMFG, it's such a god damn impressive collection!

Mine is like Father's, composed of 90% PAL games, with only a handful of imports, and I like it that way. The PAL covers bring back memories, so I only end up buying Japanese games if they were never released here.

elend said...

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with collecting PAL (or US) games. And I have to buy all those great games like Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Herc's Adventures as US Versions, too, since they weren't released in Japan. :D