Wednesday 12 December 2007

Happy Birthday SJY!: Saturnalia!!!

Well my good people! Here we are, on the anniversary of our inception! The Saturn Junkyard is a year old! Nearly 22,000 hits, 200 posts and a wealth of Saturn information, images, video, game information, art work, reviews and opinions, that give us all a reason to celebrate and rejoice!

From the need to to have a blog of my own, after being a contributor on brother blog the Dreamcast Junkyard, to becoming one of the finest retro gaming blogs on the interweb, the Junkyard has become very much a team effort.

Celebrating the addition of Gnome, Pierre, Caleb, Nebachadnezzar and very recently elend as contributors, that is really what has made the Junkyard great. Each of those contributors has made the SJY the sum of it's parts. But let's not forget "the fifth Beatle" J, who has also contributed so much to the site... The beautiful header at the top of the page, the Warholesque picture of Segata that graces the side-bar and of course the wonderful Segata remix... But I digress... And the one person that suggested I have a blog of my own, that most excellent of creatures, the most highly valued and inspirational deity that is The Elderly Gamer!

Let's set the table... Invited to make their contributions and comments are that fine bunch of contributors mentioned above! But also I'm giving a particular nod to the commentors, Hex, Ross, Gagaman(n), the most reverend Tomleecee, Ms. Hex, Nick944, Mikey4U1984, Funnyman, SegaMark, Deitrix, Racketboy! And any of our other most esteemed commentors! Thank you! WE LOVE YOU! We crave your feedback and love your input!!!

OK Let's set the scene for the party! Father Krishna is dressed in the uniform of the cult... Expansive and extra large (XXXL) judo suit, Elvis wig of beehive proportions, with freshly inked SJY tattoo emblazened across his heart...

In a massive hall the table is set... At each place is a complimentery copy of Christmas NiGHTS, and a see through Sega Saturn (Derby Stallion Edition) are the freebie gifts!

The meal? It's your personal most favourite three course fayre, of course personally catered to you by the most eloquent of Japanese chefs...

The venue, a large banqueting hall, 16th Century building, bedecked in elends art work and official promotional Saturn launch regalia...

Each place has a name card, and you are sat next to the blogger you know best....

Of course each team member holds the head of the table... We're all sat together! We're waiting for the DJ's to turn up... Drummond and Cauty of the KLF, Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers!

Enjoy the food! Enjoy the free bar and enjoy the music!!! I hope everyone invited will turn up and comment!

Tell me what you've enjoyed about the gathering! Post links to this feast and mention us on YOUR blogs! I've had a couple of glasses of wine in celebration and I need to feel your love!

Flag up great posts! But at the end of the day, just pour out your feelings for The Saturn Junkyard! BTW, me and elend have got a little project lined up for all our readers...

And who has just turned up for the celebrations? Who has come down from heaven to join us tonight Who has filled HIS place at the end of the table? Why it's our guest of honour... Ladies and gentlemen... Doff your wigs and unbutton your Judo Suits for the one, the only, Segata Sanshiro!!!


elend said...

Happy birthday to you! I neglected the Sega Saturn for too long, but now times are changing. With the junkyard I finally found a cozy place to get more creative Saturn wise. I am planning much for the future.

Sigh.. I remember my first experience with the Sega Saturn. It was one with many misunderstandings. I once bought a PAL console and only crap games. I was like "God damn, what a lame console is that?!" until I found out about the many 2D Games and shmups it has to offer. So I bought a japanese Sega Saturn and started to buy everything which crossed my sweaty claws. Now not only my love for the Saturn, but also my collection of games has grown! And I still have to play so many great games, which I haven't had the chance to play, yet.

For me the Saturn is everything but dead!

gnome said...

Happy Birthday dear Junkyard!

(hugs some junk and a Saturn)

Happy Birthday Father!

(hugs the weird Segata/Elvis hybrid probably thinking it's FK)

Happy happy whatever everyone!

(takes a sit)

Nice place. Wow. Very sleek. Hope the food's appropriately touching and ok... Anyway.

Here's to the Saturn and its Junkyard!


Welcome again elend - love your work

Thanks for the party and the blogging Father!

Animated AF said...

You've all done a fantastic job on this blog in the last year and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Keep the fire of this great under rated system alive mates! =)

NebachadnezzaR said...

Sorry I'm late, fellows! How are you, Elend? Great to see you, gnome! Hi Gagaman(n). Where's Father? There you are!

*hugs Father K*

Great party you have here! Now, where are the drinks?

*heads over to the bar*

Damn, Segata already emptied most of the bottles. That's what you get for being late.

*finds a hidden bottle of champagne*

Hell yeah! Now were talking! Let's get ready to parrrrtyyyyyy!!!

NebachadnezzaR said...

So did I:

Enjoy the special "Father K Seal of Approval" I made for ya :D

fatherkrishna said...

elend! *hugs elend* you're Saturn story touches my heart! You're tempting me to get one of those lovely white Japanese Saturns now. I play my Japanese games with an Action Replay memory card/game converter... anyway, let me top up your glass with more Champagne...

Gnome! *hugs Gnome* Tequila is it?
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all of your love, friendship, support (both moral and technical) and inspiration! Have a cigar!

Gagaman(n) *hugs Gagaman(n)* What's your poison? Thanks for the comments, kind words and inspiration! Thanks for the mention on Sega Memories, I'll return the favour and set up a link within the next couple of days!

Nebachadnezzar! *Hugs Nuno* Thank you for EVERYTHING you have contributed to the 'Yard. Since you joined the team the post content has doubled!And what damned fine posts they are!!
More champagne? I cherish the day we hooked up!!! And thanks for the special mention over at the Place Awesomeness!!

I'm really enjoying this!! LOL!!

gnome said...

(finishes of tequila)

(lights cigar)

(hugs Father)



Junlee said...

Ahhhhh, THIS is the party!!! Forgive me FK...

*readies glass of Jack in coke (because he can't afford Crown)*

hexidecimalhack said...

Happy Birthday!!!

*hugs everyone*

Sorry I'm late.
Finals are officially OVER!!!!

I am so glad to be part of this community! All of you are so friendly! And of course the amazing posts!! CHEERS!

fatherkrishna said...

Hi Junlee! *hugs Junlee* How the hell are you? great to see you here... *Hands Junlee his Saturn* There you go mate!

Hi Hex! *Hugs Hex* Glad your finals are over! That's two glasses of champagne you'll need! Here's to no more studying! Hurrah! =)

Porroe said...

wow, one year already!

*hugs beer keg.... er, a Saturn

I'm late for the party, but I'll just drink double, congrats everybody!

Ross said...

Happy birthday! This has been one kick ass party... and blog! Thanks for the mention, mine will be two years old soon. Everyone's invited to my party as well ;-)

fatherkrishna said...

Porroe, Ross! So glad you made it!

*FK scoops up the unsuspecting pair for a huge groop hug!*

Have a... have a... fecking... drink... Shorry I'm a tad... washted... *Hic!* I fecking love you guys! :)