Friday 14 December 2007

Dead Or Alive Intro

This post is intended as a test for embedding Stage 6 videos and also as a tribute to one of the finest creations ever from the Tecmo studios. Dead Or Alive is a superlative fighting game with some great characters and fighting moves. A little thin on background story, it's unfortunately chiefly remembered for the size of it's female character's breasts. Which I, Father Krishna, have never... erm... noticed. *Cough!*

Indeed, such was the obsession of it's creator Tomonobu Itagaki, that it was even possible to access cheats for the game that would enable you to enhance the 'jiggle factor' of the lady characters, erm... "front parts"... *Cough!* However, Itagaki took on a less than wholesome flavour, when a certain lawsuit came to the awareness of gamers.

Still, pushing breasts aside, *Cough!* the franchise has had some highpoints (the Dreamcast edition springs to mind) and some low points (the beach volleyball excursions.) The film was a bit of a disappointment too... Incidentally, the saturn version I own is one of my few Japanese Saturn games, which include said title, NiGHTS, Segata Sanshiro (The Game) and Virtua Fighter Kids.

Anyway hopefully you'll be enjoying some crystal clear video right now, flagged up for us by rising superstar elend. Oh! and this doesn't mean the party is over! Hell no! It officially finishes on January the 6th... Party posts are welcomed until then! =)

For more information on this hallowed game, enjoy the links below!

Dead Or Alive Movie Trailer (with a nice bit of AC/DC thrown in for free...)


elend said...

Oh how I like Dead Or Alive. It was a really great game back then, with some amazing graphics on the Saturn and Playstation ports. I saw the Saturn port after the Playstation version and already prepared for some lack of framerate or detail but how I was wrong! It's visually very beautiful and on par with the Playstation version.

Too bad it has become a jubblies lovin' otaku vehicle and has nothing to do with the great gameplay it once stood for. And the movie... my, what a disgrace.

Oh and btw, you talked about Stage 6 embedding, yet I only see YouTube Videos? :P

fatherkrishna said...

Yes dear elend! There were lots of html problems with the Stage 6 embedding! Still now hopefully, the post will be complete! And a German who knows the word 'jubblies', deserves the FK Seal Of Approval! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello fatherkrishna!
I would like to apologize for the late reply at my blog, and would like to say thanks for the nice words! =D
I will finally update my blog soon! =)
About this blog, what could I say? I guess it's one of the best blogs out there! Pretty good info, pictures and everything.
Keep up the awesome work you guys been doing ;D

Ross said...

It's still a great series, DOA4 on the 360 is the best one to date.

And the first Volleyball game was pretty nice, great atmosphere and, um, brea.... music.

Random J said...

Ahhhh... the titties game disguised as a beat 'em up.

I actually owned the PlayStation version of this game. It was cool, but very different to the Arcade / Saturn version. The graphics were entirely different, as were the stages and the music and if my memory serves correctly, the intro was different too.

Neither the Saturn version or the PS version compared to the arcade one though.

fatherkrishna said...

Hello Treamcasrter! *Hugs Treamcaster!* Great to see you here! looking forward to more of your work! *Pours Tramcaster a large Brandy!*

God I love you Ross! *Hugs Ross puts him down, provides him with potent cocktail...*
Give us the specific dates of your party!!!

J! Hurrah! *Picks up J, hugs him and gives him a cheeky pinch on the left buttock, which although innocent on Father K's part, crosses over J's comfort zone and causes him to bristle a tad...* LOL!

I fucking love you man! ;)

NebachadnezzaR said...

Simply put, DoA is one of the best fighting games on the Saturn and one of my personal favourites (the rest being the whole Virtua Fighter series, basically).

Too bad most gamers only saw boobs...

Random J said...

I can't call this a beat 'em up - which is why I refer to it as a titty game disguised as a beat 'em up, because let's face it...that's what Dead or alive is. I can play it for like 5 minutes, but then I get SO bored of it. It quickly becomes a case of pressing the counter button constantly, with players scared to throw an attack in case they get countered (something which results in far too much damage loss to the poor sucker and near enough an instant K.O if it happens in the danger zone).

The second game was a bit better, because it at least distinguished itself a little more from Virtua Fighter - with the whole multiple tiered stages, danger zones being placed on walls and also the tag team element. And also, console owners were treated to an arcade perfect version of the game. Something that console owners never got with the first game until years later with the release of DoA: Ultimate on the Xbox.

fatherkrishna said...

I still like it as a game. I've never played it in close proximity to Fighting Vipers or Virtua Fighter. A comparison session day might make a good post!!!

Random J said...

I personally think that Dead or alive has more in common with Fighting vipers than Virtua Fighter because of how easy it is to counter, opponents go flying when hit, the inclusion of walls and just how over the top everything is.