Friday 21 December 2007

Sega Saturn Artwork

The Sega Saturn is my inspiration for all kinds of stuff. This time I made a decal (vinyl sticker) for my rack in which my Saturn found a nice and cosy little place. It's made out of a nice vinyl foil which resembles etched glass and thus looks quite elegant. Just perfect for my Saturn. It's my little tribute to one of the most underrated consoles of all time.

(Click the picture for bigger version. Oh and please excuse the crappy picture quality.)


Animated AF said...

Right, if I ever want to decorate a gaming room in a future house of mine, I'm hiring you! =O

Anonymous said...

Gagaman(n)'s right!

fatherkrishna said...

I'm lost for words, honestly! I've actually got tears welling up in my eyes...! That's so beautiful!!

Segata bestow his blessings on you elend!!! :)