Thursday 4 September 2008

NiGHTS into Dreams, Brazilian style!

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Brazilian Saturn game looks like? Well, now you can see it thanks to our amazing fan, Renato Borba aka retrogamejunker who kindly provided us photos like this one.

But there's many more, like a shot of the cd case, the manual, inside the manual, yet another shot at the manual and even of another game, Cyber Speedway.

Thank you very much for the photos, Renato, we all appreciate them here at the Saturn Junkyard. Obrigado pelo apoio e continua a visitar-nos, é de leitores assim que nós precisamos :)


Caleb said...

Ok that pretty neat!

I wonder if these Brazilian games would work in a North American system using a memory card?

Or does that just work with Japanese and Europe games?

So do they still make some games for the Saturn? Or did they stop making them awhile back?

RetroGameJunker said...


Man, i almost had an heartattack when i opened the site!THANKSSSS A TON NebachadnezzaR and all SJ guys!
You really don´t know how i´m feeling now,there are things like this that only the SS does ahn?!

Well caleb, all Brazilian games will run without problem on any USA system.

Well, tectoy had already stopped making ss games but back in the day they produced it so massively that even today they are VERY commom over here.

Well, thank you guys once again for making me THE most pleased SS gamer on the globe right now!

Anonymous said...

"HAVE you ever wondered".

There's no such thing as "DID you ever wondered".

elend said...

Hey Retrogamejunker! You are very welcome here. Nice to see people with that kind of enthusiasm. :D

And when you say they are VERY common in brazil... well... do you think you can sell me some? :D You can also earn some money that way, I'd pay more for the games than you paid in brazil probably.

elend said...

Wow, great link. But how do I buy? I'd need a mercado livre account first, right? Or does my ebay account work? Oh my. So many games. :(

RetroGameJunker said...

you need a ML account,:(

NebachadnezzaR said...

Trust me, retrogamejunker, I know exactly what you're feeling, I remember it so well from the first time Father K published a review written by me here in the SJ :)

Elend, according to the description of that link I think that the guy only ships to Brazil, but I'm not sure. And by the way, for some really odd reason the site is not allowing me to register a new account.

RetroGameJunker said...

Yeah,NebachadnezzaR, it is really something magic i even took a screenshoot for myself :>.
About the ML i really don´t know if the seller ships outside Brazil but i´m asking him right NOW

elend said...

Oh wait. I just noticed, that those 13 games are actually only 2. He has 6 pieces of Scorcher and 7 pieces of the other game. That's not sooo perfect. :D

RetroGameJunker said...

hahahahha but i told you:
13 SEALED SS games(only CYBER SPEEDWAY, SCORCHER) for 60R$!!!

Buit anyways,i did a research and find out that these games are the most easy to pick up nowadays here in Brazil:

Sonic R
Cyber SpeedWay
Heir of Zendor
Virtua Cop 2
Night Warrior

Ow, almost forgot, yesterday i bought 2 ss games:
Virtua Fighter Remix
and no, they are not sealed,hahahahah
See ya guys

RetroGameJunker said...

The guys just aswered:
Yes, he can ship outside Brazil but firstly you need to deposit on BANCO DO BRASIL.

elend said...

Hmm thanks for your efforts, but I have to pass on that auction. ;/

RetroGameJunker said...

Ok, hey dig what i´ve found today:

And this week

Still waiting my selaed Virtua Cop 2 :<

elend said...

Hey nice. I still need croc. I saw some videos and thought it looks really great. :D

NebachadnezzaR said...

I want an analog pad too... :'(

Hey, is that VF Remix a promotional copy or something? It says "not for resale"

RetroGameJunker said...

I didn´t realise that too, got the original VF with the not for resale thing but this one i know it was bundled with the saturn, my other one came with it.But i found that the Brazilian Saturn without round buttons also come with VF Remix bundled, found this on Mercado LIvre

Will research a bit more and confirm later