Saturday 5 January 2008

Sega Saturn History Visual Collection DVD

I recently bought the so called "Sega Saturn History Visual Collection" DVDs volume 1 and 2. The DVDs with the shameless long names are actually part of some kind of Sega Saturn worshipping project by a company named Wave Master and came out with three little siblings in audio CD format; The "Sega Saturn History Part 1 and 2" as well as the "Sega Saturn History Vocal Collection" featuring plenty of tracks from your favourite Sega Saturn games. I'll try to give you more information about these, as soon as I bought them.

"But what's on the DVDs now?" you might ask. Well, I have asked myself that question for years, too (They came out in 2005). Because when browsing the net for some more Information about the DVDs, I actually found nothing. It seemed to me like no single human being on this planet earth has been buying these things, so I knew I had to buy them myself, to see what's the content like. I was hesitating all these years because the price tag for a japanese DVD isn't the cheapest on this earth. For one DVD I had to pay almost 46 USD! But well... there's a cute handdrawn Sega Saturn on the Cover, how could I resist?

Content of DVD 1:
- Intros and outros of your favourite Sega Saturn games.
- Some japanese guy playing Virtua Fighter 1 and 2
- Well... that's it!

So damn, that was quite a dissapointment. I was thinking about "a little bit more" like... TV commercials, making ofs, interviews or at least some additional concept art. But nothing. The DVD only contains Intros of games like Clockwork Knight, Panzer Dragoon or Virtua Fighter, which we know already anyways. The fact that they have the same lame quality, which they had back then, isn't something I'd consider a plus for the DVD. So the volume 1 DVD definitely isn't worth 46 USD.

Content of DVD 2:
- Intros and outros of your favourite Sega Saturn games.
- Some japanese guy playing Sega Rally
- 2 Segata Sanshiro Commercials in great quality.
- Well... that's... wait. Segata Sanshiro TV commercials? On DVD? In decent quality, like I've never seen them before?! Woo yay!!!

Yes, that's one of the best things about volume 2, as well as the saddest one. Why only 2 in god's name? I would love to have all of the awesome Segata Sanshiro commercials on DVD in superb quality. But no, they decided to release only two of them and fill the rest of the DVD - again - with intros and outros of our favourite... aw fuck man. I love the intros as well as the games, but I know them already. They aren't in a better quality on the DVD either. When I want to watch the Deep Fear intro, I'll just put in the game. But when I want to watch Segata Sanshiro, I have to watch either lame Quicktime versions of it or - even worse - browse YouTube. With all commercials on the DVD they would have been worth 46 USD, too!

The Intro of the DVDs is very lovely. You see your usual Sega Saturn menu, where you set the time and after setting it to 1994.11.22 (Its birthday!) it boots to the lovely Sega Hymn from the Segagaga game and some pictures of Saturn pamplets. But besides a lovely menu there's nothing left. Only the intros, which are played one after the other, without any kind of placeholder, so that you know that now the next video starts. That makes me really sad and it's a missed opportunity for Wave Master. Especially when you consider that the "Famicom 20th Anniversary Commemoration DVD" was awesome and quite successful, too.

So, I'll now buy the soundtrack CDs and hope, that they'll be a tad better. But what could they possibly do wrong with those?


fatherkrishna said...

Holy feck! I could have only dreamed of this level of Saturn love a few weeks back!

This is both massively amazing and a tad disappointing at the same time ...

Only disappointing 'cos my Segata brother elend didn't receive the Sega love he deserved, but also revelatory 'cos he's taking Saturn love to the next level!!

How much has the SJY trumped the DCJY in recent weeks? DAMN!

I'm loving this shit!!!!

LOL! Happy days!

Happy New Year!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Indeed, I agree with Father. The great thing about this is that our dear Elend just showed us so much more Saturn loved than we could have wished for coming from a 'Yard contributor.

The sad thing is that when I read the title of the post I automatically imagined that somewhere in the world there were DVD's full of Saturn goodness. Needless to say, I almost cried when I read the rest of the post.

Well, at least it gave me an idea...does anyone here have any skillz when it comes to making DVD's? Imagine that, "The Saturn Junkyard proudly presents: Sega Saturn History Vol. 1, a whole DVD full of pictures, videos and info about all your favourite games and some hidden gems that you never heard about".

Sounds good, eh? =)

elend said...

Sounds awesome, to be true. But I guess something like that is really hard to pull of, since you'd need a lot of unreleased / unpublished content. I would love to have some nice interviews with developers (Sonic Team on Burning Rangers!) or Sega staff. Also concept artworks, great TV commercials, etc.

gnome said...

Now, besides being properly amazed/disappointed and after gawking at the excellent post, I think I'll go grab this Famicom DVD thingy...