Wednesday 23 January 2008

Sega Saturn In The Movies

When you are one of the coolest consoles of all time, it is inevitable that you'll end up in a movie sooner or later. So did the Sega Saturn, when a Hong Kong movie called "Black Mask" was released in 1996; Saturn's peak year. In the midst of the movie the name giving Black Mask (Jet Li) is forced to kidnap one of his co-workers (Karen Mok) in order to get her out of trouble. Of course his real identity is a secret to her, so she's anything but thankful that he recently saved her. Thus, she's screaming, biting and scratching with her fingernails. How can you calm an innocent woman, who's behaving like that? Only with a Sega Saturn of course. So Black Mask decides to put her gently (aka throwing her) onto a chair infront of the TV and let her play some Sega Saturn. What's funny about the scene is, that she's even enjoying it. You can see her for some seconds, how she's playing like crazy (with her hands cuffed on the back). Also very interesting is the fact, that the scene only lasts for a mere minute, but within that time she is playing 3 different games. Virtua Fighter, Darius Gaiden and what looks to be some Capcom brawler (X-Men Children Of The Atom, I think). Either she has some kind of Hotel Saturn, or the filmmakers (Tsui Hark) didn't really know, how a console works. The facts, that she uses some sort of foot pedal (wtf?) to play Darius Gaiden and that the audible sound effects sound like the very first pong consoles, are only supporting that assumption. But then, it's a great scene nonetheless.
(click for an outrageous big size)

The movie itself is really watchable too, If I might add! A great Hong Kong action fest starring Jet Li and Lau Ching-Wan, who both are acclaimed actors in Hong Kong and one of the first comic to movie adaptions. I can only recommend the Hong Kong DVD, since western releases often have laughable dubs or even changed soundtracks (again, wtf?). And it's cheaper anyways.


Anonymous said...

The Sega Saturn also makes a breif appearance in the Political Comedy "Bullworth", as well as made many appearances in the TV sitcom "The Drew Carey Show"

elend said...

Oh, thx for the tips! I'll buy that movie asap!

fatherkrishna said...

Yet another outstanding post elend! And a brilliant find too! I'll buy the movie ASAP!

As for Bullworth (Warren Beatty as rapping senator having nervous breakdown about self imposed assassination plot?)

I must have seen that movie four times and NEVER noticed a Saturn in it! I'll watch again

ArugulaZ said...

I heard that the Saturn was featured prominently in the Kevin Smith movie Mallrats, although I wouldn't know for sure since I'm not a big fan of his films. He works too blue for me.

And yeah, you could see a Saturn in many early episodes of The Drew Carey Show. They switched over to a Dreamcast in 2000, then replaced that with a Playstation 2 (noooooooo!) shortly afterward. I wonder if Drew himself were responsible for the system's frequent appearances in the show...?

javihyev said...

how in gods name would one play darius gaiden behind their back.

Anonymous said...

in Mallrats it was actually a Genesis. One of the main characters (Banky Edwards, played by jason lee) was refered to as Sega Boy by his bitter girlfriend.