Friday 18 January 2008

Video Game Vault - X-Men: Children of the Atom

Yup, it's time for another VGV. Ok, I know I've been posting VGV's like crazy, but hey, it's not my fault that those guys over at Screwattack have been making lot's of videos directly or indirectly related to the Saturn, and I feel like it's my duty to post them!

This time around they didn't pick up a good game...they picked up a game full of awesome! (yeah, I'm starting to get infected by their unique sense of humour...) Anyway, what they say in the video is nothing new here at the Saturn Junkyard. Our most beloved Father Krishna talked about this very game here, J shared his thoughts on one of that article's comments, and even I made a little post about it here.

I guess finally we all agree about a game's quality :)


elend said...

Capcom + 2D + Fighting = Great! Those where the days man *sigh*. I really enjoyed X-Men Children Of The Atom, too. A perfect example of the Saturns 2D capabilities.

Caleb said...

The animation in the game rocks.

I wish Screwattack would have used a better joke than they did though.

They have a decent system for editing the footage and addding cool little effects here and there but they need to sit down and write some decent material.

Still, I don't know how anyone could not like this game.

The Saturn controller is THE BEST 2D fighter controller I have used.

The six buttons and AWESOME D-Pad on the model 2 controller?

Mix that with a game like this you have greatness!!!

elend said...

Yeah, the Saturn pad is one of the best out there, imho. Best D-Pad ever! Perfect for shmups. :D

ArugulaZ said...

Was this the game that had Akuma in it? The sequel, Marvel Super Heroes, offered Anita as a hidden character, but you can't unlock her in the US version unless you've got a Pro Action Replay or other cheat device.

If you're asking yourself, "Who the heck is Anita?," that's the dour little girl who tags along with Donovan in the Darkstalkers series. In MSH, she's on her own, tearing her opponents to bits with her video game themed special moves.

Caleb said...

Yeah but it's not really a complete character though right?

I heard that the Antia unlockable character has major graphical glitches. would be pretty cool.

fatherkrishna said...

Is it just me or is the Saturn Junkyard ON FIRE at the moment!!!!??? Yet another AMAZING post! And for once Screw Attack got it spot on!!!

Amazing post Nebacha! Seriously!!!

elend! Caleb! Nebacha! Gnome! Thank you for making the SJY the best place on the Internet!

I love you guys!!!

Indeed, I've been so inspired by your contributions, that the Saturn has become the most played console in my house during 2008! (By me any way...)

I started the SJY as a tribute to the DCJY and an experiment in having my own blog... It's since grown into something that just fills me with pride!

And we're about to register 34,000 hits!

Happy days! Tonights Saturn highlights included playing VF Remix and beating Dural as Akira, reading the VF comic, playing my new Japanese demo of burning Rangers, Street Fighter Alpha and beating (for the first time in 13 years of on/off play) the Mountain (expert) level of Sega Rally!!!!!

I'm overwhelmed!

ArugulaZ said...

Caleb: She's fully playable, but her ending is badly garbled. It was never translated to English, but the Japanese font was removed, so what you get is a mess of random dots and stripes that are impossible to read in ANY language.

Fun fact... if you have a Pro Action Replay Plus or a four meg RAM cartridge, you can boost the animation in the American version of Marvel Super Heroes by accessing the options screen and switching on the 3M RAM option. It's a pretty amusing addition considering that Saturn RAM cartridges were never officially released in the States!

Krishna, were you still interested in my services or no?

elend said...

@Arugulaz: Oh I am sure he still is! And of course you don't have to post regulary (As in every day on a regular basis), because it's nigh impossible for such a old console with hardly any news at all.

But that's exactly, why I am equally amazed about of the Saturn Junkyard is on fire at the moment. Whenever I thought about a personal Sega Saturn page, which I always dreamed of, the first question always was: "Well, what to post? There's hardly anything going on.."

Boy was I wrong. I still have a lot of Ideas and Post sketches noted on a piece of paper, which will definitely come. And new Ideas just keep coming.

fatherkrishna said...

@Arugulaz... Hell yeah! just email me at and I'll add you as a contributor straight away! You can start posting as soon as you like! You'd be a very welcome addition to our international (UK, Greece, Portugal, Germany, USA) team!

Anonymous said...

I started playing the Saturn for the first time I received 14 games with it and it seems ok so far.

Nights said...

Oh my god I want this game. It seems pretty good and cool. =)