Wednesday 16 January 2008

Sega Saturn Print Ad Galore

Whilst browsing google's image search for Sega Saturn related imagery - again - I found this particular awesome Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yugi print ad, which was scanned from a japanese Sega Saturn magazine. Segata's face this detailed (click the pic for a much larger version!) is a rare occasion and should be perceived by everyone who calls himself a Sega Saturn fanatic. Too bad Segata's face is kind of bleak / transparent and thus not perfect for future photoshopping / reference.

The source of the pic turned out to be some kind of spanish message board with an extensive gallery of Sega Saturn related imagery sorted by the categories wallpapers, print ads and hardware. It's a really nice collection, so...

Give it a try!

On a sidenote: I also found this great and highres picture of a Virtua Fighter 32x print ad, which may be the only time you are able to see an artist's impression of a dad and his son playing Virtua Fighter on the 32x plugged into a Mega Drive. Including a screenshot of Virtua Fighter painted with what looks to me like oil paint. Very great.


fatherkrishna said...

Blimey elend! You keep coming up with the goods don't you???

I nearly wept with joy when I saw the two lovely prints you posted!

The Segata one is now my screensaver for my computer in school... It's truly beautiful, and will now lead a whole host of 6-11 year olds saying "Who is the strange and frightening man on your computer sir?"

And I will be able to educate them in the ways of the Saturn when they should be improving their literacy and numeracy skills...

"Happy Days!"

NebachadnezzaR said...

Happy days indeed :P

I didn't know my "neighbours" (Spain is right next door...almost) had such love for the Saturn, that message board really has some great pictures.

And that pic of Segata...OH MY GAWD!!! Now that I think of it, wouldn't it be awesome to turn it into a poster?

And the Virtua Fighter one is also brilliant. I've seen it already in some edition of the SS Magazine, but it never gets old.

Caleb said...


THe father looks like he is gonnna swat the kid one for beating him in game!

Nicky Marble said...

Oh, man! Sega Saturn! I miss playing on that console! I wonder if I kept those games in stock. Anyway, LOL @ Segata Sanshiro! I saw a video on Youtube with a FULL song! They kept mixing up "White Saturn" and Segata Sanshiro's name in the lyrics. Haha! I'd laugh hard if I see a fansite with his face on the top banner.