Friday 4 January 2008

Tetris Plus review.

Now here's a good Tetris game! To resume this game in just one sentence, basically everything that Tetris S made wrong, Tetris + makes it right. To be more specific, let's start with game modes. There's the usual classic mode, where you just play regular tetris until the screen gets filled with pieces and you lose; Vs. mode to play against a friend (as far as I can tell there's no way to play against the computer), Puzzle mode and Edit mode. And what are these two all about, I hear you ask?

In Puzzle mode you have to, as the title suggests, solve puzzles. When you start to play there's already a set of pieces on the screen and your goal is to clear them in order for the Professor (the very anime looking archaeologist from the cover) to reach the bottom of the screen. You must be quick though, for when the pieces start to fill the screen he starts to climb them and if he reaches the spiked ceiling it's game over. Very addicting and refreshing mode, no doubt.

Edit mode, as far as I know, let's you create your own puzzles. Haven't tried it out yet, but from what I've read about it looks like a good tool for the more creative gamers.

Gameplaywise, this game rocks. The controls are way more responsive than in Tetris S and you totally feel like you're in control. Graphically this is also a very appealing game. The backgrounds are nothing out of the ordinary but they do their job and the overall presentation is great. The loading screens are animated, the main menu is colourful and the little characters are just damn cute.

My only complaint is about the playing field that fills only the left half of the screen. I assume the right half is intended for a second player, since there's a "press start" sign on it, but nevertheless it's a shame that we just play on half of the tv.

Anyway, if you're looking for a good, challenging and kind of innovative Tetris game, go for Tetris Plus. Unlike Tetris S this is available on all territories, so there's no excuse for not to get it.

Here's a video of the PSX version (couldn't find one of the Saturn version, but they should be fairly identical):


elend said...

Ah, that's more like it. I really like the graphics of that game. Too bad I only have the Playstation version.

Animated AF said...

Wouldn't mind hunting this one down, I'm a sucker for puzzle games.

fatherkrishna said...

An excellent review Nebacha... I'll look out for this one!